Meural’s digital canvas now available in pre-order

1. Lightbox Design - Portrait - Photo

Sedition is pleased to partner with Meural to present a selection of works on their new digital canvas for displaying art on your walls. Meural have created a modern and sophisticated high-definition screen that also is beautifully framed to accommodate the art of your choosing. The Meural frame is made of conscientiously sourced soft maple wood, carefully designed and crafted by Richard Clarkson, a designer and artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

Employing innovative technology, Meural frames are gesture controlled using the mobile app where you can create collections and discover new art works though their collaborations with museums, galleries and Sedition. Pre-order your Meural frame from just $395 to gain access to a new world of digital artworks that can be easily displayed and curated for any space in your home.


Sedition presents in the STRP Biennale in The Netherlands

Sedition presents a selection of works for the STRP Biennale in Eindhoven, The Netherlands from 20-29 March 2015. Presented as part of the SCREEN ON | NO SCREEN exhibition in the Klokgebouw as part of the STRP Silent Cinema section, Sedition will show works alongside The Creators Project, Fiber, OneDotZero, and Playgrounds.

Sedition brings a 30-minute collection curated by STRP director, Angelique Spaninks including works by Zimoun, Ryoiji Ikeda, Universal Everything, Doug Foster, Rafael Rozendaal, Memo Akten, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Angelo Plessas, Nicolas Sassoon & Rick Silva, Cheng Ran and open platform artist, Overlap.

STRP Biennale have curated a special digital edition by Paris-based studio, Nonotak launching on Sedition on Thursday, 26 March 2015. Watch out for the new edition launching next week.

STRP is a 10-day festival that brings together art, technology and experimental pop culture. The festival features interactive art, light art, robotics, performances, experimental music and films, lectures and workshops, offering a glimpse into the near and sometimes distant futures of our technology-driven culture.

To view full programme for the Silent Cinema visit:

In Review: Brian Alfred Twitter Q&A

On 11 February 2015, Sedition hosted a live Twitter Q&A with artist Brian Alfred from his studio in Brooklyn. We’ve collected some of the highlights from the discussion exploring anything and everything from his latest solo show at Ameringer McEnery Yohe gallery, to his love of music, to his art practice and creative influences. View the full discussion on Twitter: #AskBrianAlfred.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: 5 Romantic Artworks & Collections

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, don’t miss your chance to show your loved one how much you really care. Give a digital gift of art by sending an original digital edition by a renowned contemporary artist from Sedition. Select the Send As Gift button below any artwork and add a personal message. Schedule the delivery for 14 February for the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise. Your gift can be sent to their email inbox from anywhere in the world. We’ve curated for you our 5 most romantic artworks and collections to help choose the gift that will warm the heart this February.

1. Our first selection is Tracey Emin’s I Promise To Love You Collection. Emin’s intimate and personal neon’s illuminate her feelings on love and life. Her neon pieces are a touching and sensitive declaration of her love. Each neon mimics her original script handwriting to create an emotive message of love and a wonderful gift by one of our favourite iconic YBA artists.


2. Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s three light-based works will brighten anyone’s day: From top left to right,  I (Heart) You, Toxic Schizophrenia and Forever are presented as digital limited editions exclusively for Sedition. Their ‘light sculptures’ are made using computer-sequenced light bulbs that flash perpetually. These works reference the iconic pop culture symbols that are communicated through the mass media in the west, as well as recalling the carnival shows and neon signage typical of  20th century Britain and America. These YBA’s bright, digital works are wonderful flashing declarations of love.


3. Marion Tampon-Lajarriette’s Déja Vu Collection includes two works Déja Vu 1 and Déja Vu 2 that creates a beautiful diptych between a male and female actors in a surreal film set. The French artist films her protagonists in a green box studio and later superimposes the footage onto a background taken from an existing film of the early 20th century. The effect is an illusion of continuous space that brings attention to the mechanics of immersion and the distances that take place in our everyday relation to images. The Déja Vu Collection is a romantic revision of early 20th century cinema and love.


4. LIA’s Not Even Love Will Tear Us Apart is a rich and seductive digital artwork. We see the repetition of the motif of a heart moving perpetually across the screen and creating a hypnotic experience. LIA: “as with relationships between lovers, permanent change happens in the details while the overall aesthetic remains the same”. Not Even Love Will Tear Us Apart creates the perfect symbol of love and the intertwining of emotions.

Mat Collishaw_Blog
5. Mat Collishaw creates a visually seductive image which tends to symbolise defiled beauty or forbidden pleasure. With this digital artwork created exclusively for Sedition, Burning Flower, is an orchid surrounded by blackness is both given life and destroyed by the surrounding flickering flames, slowly producing a glistening blood-red sap. Burning Flower is an artwork that ignites desire in any loving relationship.

Brian Alfred Live Twitter Q&A / Wed 11 Feb 2015 / 5pm GMT


We’ll be hosting a live Twitter Q&A with New York based artist Brian Alfred on Wed 11 Feb 2015 from 5pm GMT (12pm EST).

We’ll be talking to the artist about his upcoming solo exhibition It Takes A Million Years To Become Diamonds So Let’s All Just Burn Like Coal Until The Sky Is Black‘ at Ameringer, McEnery Yohe in New York and his new artwork ‘Under Thunder & Fluorescent Lights‘ launching on Sedition on Thursday 5 February 2015. 

Tweet your questions in advance to #AskBrianAlfred and we’ll ask them on the day or join us on the day. Follow @SeditionArt and @BrianAlfred and start asking! 

View more artworks by Brian Alfred on Sedition.

About Brian Alfred
Brian Alfred (b. 1974) is an American artist best known for his collages, paintings, and digital animations. He works fluidly between classic and contemporary media like drawing and digital art, and he depicts subject matters that range from architecture and technology to modern idealism and romantic heroism. Alfred earned his B.F.A. in painting from Penn State University in 1997, and his M.F.A. from Yale University in 1999. He has had solo exhibitions at Haunch of Venison, London and Berlin; Mary Boone Gallery, New York; Max Protetch Gallery, New York; SCAI The Bathhouse, Tokyo; and the Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona. His work is included in numerous collections including the Whitney Museum of American Arts, New York; the Guggenheim Museum, New York; the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia; and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California. Brian Alfred works and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Live Twitter Q&A

Wed 11 February 2015, from 5-6pm GMT / 12-1pm EST
#AskBrianAlfred@SeditionArt | @BrianAlfred


Digicult’s Marco Mancuso Interviews Sedition

Sedition was recently interviewed by Digicult, the online cultural platform that examines the impact of digital technologies and applied sciences on art, design, culture and contemporary society. Digicult is founded and directed by italian art critic and curator Marco Mancuso who spoke to Sedition about our artists, aims and art on screens. The full article ‘Sedition. The platform that is changing the contemporary art market‘ can be read on the Digicult website. Below are excerpts from the interview.


Marco Mancuso: What is most surprising is the growing number of digital artists involved in the project. Some of the most important and well known artists at global level are in your catalogues: From Ryoji Ikeda to Aaron Koblin, Herman Kolgen to Claudia Hart, Zimoun, Scanner, Kurokawa, Mark Amerika, Casey Reas, Lia. Why did such important artists decide to join your project? Not to mention very important artists of the contemporary art world such as Yoko Ono, Damien Hirst, Boltanski, Bill Viola and Wim Wenders…

Sedition: We’ve been very fortunate in regards to the artists’ response – they like what we are doing and are as excited as we are at the prospect of reaching a whole new audience for contemporary art! Our goal is to make a selection of some of the best art pieces and the most exciting artists working today available to our collectors – some of these are well known figures of the contemporary art scene, others are highly regarded for their work in digital or media art. We’re excited about the possible dialogues between artists from different spheres.

Marco Mancuso: It seems that you tend to focus on artworks and artists that work mainly in visual art and/or audiovisual  creation. From data visualization to generative art, from graphic animations to still images. The media is basically stills or videos. Is there a pure technical reason connected to the devices you work with (screens, tablets, monitors, mobiles) or do you think the market of collectors is more interested in such artworks rather than other screen artworks (Internet art, interactive media, movies and so on)?

Sedition: Sedition currently only supports videos and image stills. We would really like to support generative artworks and interactive works as well, but there are many technical challenges to have interactive artworks or apps compatible across all devices. It is something we are considering for the future development of Sedition. Our aim is to be able to support all kinds of digital artworks.

Marco Mancuso: Sedition is also working as a sort of online platform, presenting and connecting artists, collectors and museums. You’ve developed special projects with some museums (The Eyebeam for example) while giving collectors the chance to see their collection appreciate in value as other collectors move the market, building up their private collections of digital artworks, selling and trading original limited editions. Do you also consider Sedition as a virtual plaza for a new business collection economy on contemporary art?

Sedition: Yes we see Sedition as a vibrant online community for selling, collecting and trading digital limited edition artworks. We develop partnerships with museums to help increase awareness of their exhibition programs and the exhibitions of artists we are working with. We also offer museums the chance to fundraise with digital editions sold in the gift shop. We have developed an on-site display and Sedition Gift Cards for this. We want to bring Sedition also into physical spaces for sale in gift shops, but artworks continue to be experienced digitally on screens.

Marco Mancuso: Finally, the main question. Why should a collector buy an artwork to be seen on a screen? Especially small screens like tablets or mobile? Considering the original habit of such artists and artworks, looking also at concepts as immersivity, synthesis and sensorial experience. How could Sedition give the collectors such a deep emotive experience using such devices?

Sedition: Screens are ubiquitous today. Everyone now owns at least one or two smart phones, tablets or TVs in their home. It is about embracing the idea that artworks can be taken with you anywhere you go, and can be viewed on any device. The ideal ‘digital canvas’ for viewing works from Sedition is the TV. It is like thinking about your TV as a picture frame for art in your home where works can be changed at any time. Smart phones and tablets tend to be the mobile way to experience and manage your collection, but large screens and projections are perhaps the best way to view the works at home.

Sedition 2014 A Year in Review

Sedition has had an amazing year in 2014 with the launch incredible new artists and collections, international exhibitions in Munich, Barcelona, Hong Kong, London and Miami and new initiatives supporting charities. Read below for our 2014 year in review. We are looking forward to new exciting collaborations, exhibitions and artists launching in 2015!

In January, Sedition was invited to showcase works at UNPAINTED the first art fair dedicated to Media Art fair in Munich, Germany. Sedition presented artworks at a booth and participated on a panel with artist Kim Asendorf and Philippe Riss (xpo gallery, Paris) and others. A selection of works from Sedition were streamed online on IKONO during the fair. Read more ›


The New Romantics Collection/ Eyebeam
Sedition partnered with Eyebeam, Art and Technology Center in New York to launch a collection of 9 artists as part of the New Romantics exhibition. The New Romantics Collection explores ways in which contemporary artists use digital media to engage the body, represent nature, utilise poetic irony and deal with issues of individuality – as originally expressed in 19th century Romanticism. The collection includes works by international artists including: Tim Berresheim, Ryan Whittier Hale, Claudia Hart, Sophie Kahn, Sara Ludy, Shane Mecklenburger, Jonathan Monaghan, MSHR and Katie Torn.


The Déjà Vu Collection / LEAP and iArt
Sedition partnered with LEAP, the Chinese art magazine and iArt, the digital edition of the Art Newspaper China to launch the Déjà Vu Collection, a collection of 5 young Chinese artists working in moving images at Art Basel Hong Kong 2014. For the launch, Sedition translated our website and apps in Chinese and implemented a new payment system to accept payments from China using Alipay. View photos from the launch event. Read more 

The Hospital Club / Curated Exhibitions

Throughout 2014, Sedition partnered with the Hospital Club, hub and private members club for creative industries in London to present a series of exhibitions. Over the year Sedition curated and present 3 exhibitions:

Universal Everything / Solo-exhibition of recent works
In May, Sedition presented a solo exhibition of recent works by Universal Everything featuring 3D printed sculptures, mobile apps, interactive pieces and brand new editions from Sedition. For the event, Universal Everything launched 50 unique iterations of their piece Walking City Citizens where on one edition was available of each. All 50 iterations sold out almost immediately, but are now available for sale on Sedition Trade. Watch an interview with creative director, Matt Pyke discussing the show.

New Horizons / Exhibition
In July, Sedition presented New Horizons, a group show of works from Sedition by some of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists. The exhibition featured digital editions by Elmgreen & Dragset, Damien Hirst, Yoko Ono, Tracey Emin, Mat Collishaw, AES + F, Jenny Holzer, Lee Lee Nam and also Isaac Julien. Works were displayed on the latest curved OLED and Ultra HD 4K screns from LG electronics. Sedition presented new Gift Cards for sale for each of the artworks in the show.


Women In Digital / Exhibition and talk
In October during Frieze Week as the art world descends upon London, Sedition presented a specially curated exhibition title Women In Digital featuring female artists working at the forefront of art and technology. The exhibition included several new works, and works not released on Sedition from international artists including: LIA (Austria), FIELD (UK), Sophie Kahn (UK/AU), Sara Ludy (US), Fang Lu (China), Katie Torn (US), Claudia Hart (US), Sougwen Chung (US/Canada), Marion Tampon-Lajarriette (Switzerland), and new to Sedition artist Shu Lea Cheang (US/France). A special talk with artists Vera-Maria Glahn (FIELD), Marion Tampon-Lajarriette and curator Nora O’ Murchú took place to discuss their work and also issues of representation in the field. Watch a video of the talk.


Sonar / MarketLab / Exhibition
Sedition was invited to present works in the MarketLab section of Sonar, festival of advance music and new media art in Barcelona. Sedition launched a new work by contemporary art studio Zeitguised and presented an exhibition of digital artworks from Sedition. Read more ›

Jeremy Deller / Own Art & The Space / Free Digital Edition
Sedition partnered with Own Art and The Space, the BBC and Arts Council supported online platform for presenting and commissioning digital art. For the 10th anniversary of Own Art and the relaunch of The Space in the summer, Sedition presented a special digital edition by Jeremy Deller which include 100 different images from his animated piece, We Sit Starving Amidst Our Gold, 2014. The editions are available for free to members of and people who sign up to Own Art and The Space newsletters. To claim your free edition, visit:


Nuit Blanche Video / Exhibition
For the second year of Nuit Blanche Video in London, Sedition contributed works by Isaac Julien, Mat Collishaw, Tracey Emin and Elmgreen & Dragset. For one night around Mayfair and Central London, visitors of the event visited galleries and store fronts in the area to enjoy a highly curated selection of video art by some of the world’s leading contemporary artists. Read more ›


Prince’s Foundation for Children & The Arts / Charity Auction
Sedition donated two works by Elmgreen & Dragset and Damien Hirst to the Be Inspired charity auction at the Saatchi Gallery in London to support the Prince’s Foundation for Children & The Arts. Sedition also offered a selection of Gift Cards for their raffle to help raise funds to support the cause. Overall, Sedition raised over £4900 for the charity and continues to support the cause of the holidays. Donate £30 now and receive a Sedition Gift Card for a digital edition by a renowned contemporary artist.

Artwise – Here Today… / Charity Exhibition
Sedition contributes a work by Tracey Emin to the Here Today… exhibition in London marking 50 years of The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The large-scale exhibition also featured works by artists George Condo, Andy Warhol, Gavin Turk, United Visual Artists, Douglas Gordon, Julian Opie, and many others. A selection of Sedition Gift Cards were for sale in the exhibition gift shop with a percentage of proceeds going to support the environmental organisation. Read more 

Corporate Collections
This year, Sedition has placed several corporate collections in a number of hotels and venues internationally. Curated collections have been placed in EDITION Hotels London and Miami, Citizen M Hotel in New York Times Square. Sedition also partnered with RekRoom Productions in Miami to present displays of works at the 1826 Restaurant & Lounge on Miami Beach including a display by Zeitguised during Art Basel Miami Beach in December.


Sedition at Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 approaches in December with another showcase of leading contemporary artworks from galleries around the world. Marc Spiegler, Director of Art Basel, says: “Since it was founded twelve years ago, the Miami Beach show has ranked as the most important art fair in the Americas”. The show attracts artists, collectors and professionals from across the globe. Sedition is pleased to see artists from our platform present during these high times in Miami. Look out for works by Sedition artists with our picks for the week in Miami. Don’t miss us while we’re in town.

Zeitguised_CloudIIWalls_Still1099_4k_webCloud II, Walls by Zeitguised

Zeitguised / Digital Art Exhibition 

Sedition presents a new work by Zeitguised at 1826 Restaurant & Lounge just steps away from the Miami Beach Convention Centre from 3-7 December. Sedition will present Cloud II, Walls created by Zeitguised, Berlin contemporary art studio. A homage to Daniel Libeskind’s early drawing work “micromegas” Cloud II, Walls builds tension between an uncontrolled catastrophe and the controlled, abstract and clean environment of the engineer’s drawing space. The piece makes it accessible to think of the two realms as one, the possibility of failure with the assertion of control and the beauty of generating the artefact within.

Cloud II, Walls will be launched as a digital edition on on 4 December, 2014. Clouds II, Walls will be displayed alongside further works from the artist throughout 1826 Restaurant & Lounge from 6:00pm-3:00am daily, where art lovers can ignite their senses by taking in digital art, music and fine dining for duration of the fair. Follow Zeitguised on Sedition to receive an invitation to the online private view.

Find us at:
3-7 December 2014, 6:00pm-3:00am daily
1826 Restaurant & Lounge - 1826 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
Please RSVP for entry:

Walter-Hugo-&-ZonielEchoes of Toki 2 by Walter Hugo & Zoniel

Walter Hugo & Zoniel / Site-Specific Installation

Walter Hugo and Zoniel also present their site-specific installation ‘The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living‘ during Art Basel Miami Beach. Their digital collection on Sedition Echoes of Toki is derived from the original piece that was displayed in Gazelli Art House and in Toxteth, Liverpool during the Liverpool Biennial.

For Miami the artists installThe Physical Possibility of Inspiring… as a temporary, large scale site specific installation located in Buenavista East, which explores the idea of art within a public space. For this project, the shutters of the destitute house located in Buenavista will anonymously open every evening from sunset to sunrise, emanating light and revealing tanks of jellyfish filling the space within. The psychedelic display, intended to have a discordant presence and intrigue the local residents has opened silently for the community to discover with its location remaining unknown to the public until its official launch on 1 December 2014, thus allowing natural word of mouth within the community to generate interest, and ownership of the project.

As part of the durational site-specific project, Gazelli Art House will live-stream a video from within the tanks at SELECT MIAMI (7200-7300 Collins Avenue, Miami, Florida) from 2-7 December 2014, where viewers will be able to see through the tanks into the streets of the Miami suburb, revealing a virtual corridor between the two disparate sites.

Brian_Alfred_Miami_Basel_blog Under Thunder by Brian Alfred

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent Lights by Brian Alfred

Brian Alfred / Large-scale Video Projection

This year, Brian Alfred has been invited to present video piece Under Thunder And Fluorescent Lights for Art Basel Miami’s film programme. The work will be presented both inside the Miami Beach Convention Center and outside on a 7000-square-foot projection wall of the Frank Gehry designed New World Center in SoundScape Park. The animation is scored in collaboration with band Storm & Stress. A screening of the film will take place on Saturday, 6 December at 9pm as part of the The Magic of Things programme also featuring David Shrigley, Takeshi Murata, Robin Rhode, Mark Wallinger, Cecile B Evans and others.


Nicholas Sassoon, Sara Ludy & Sylvain Sailly / Wallpapers is an online and offline computer generated catalog that features digital desktop wallpapers initiated by Sedition artists Nicolas Sassoon and Sara Ludy, and their collaborator Sylvain Sailly. The artists present their project in partnership with Artsy for the NADA Miami Beach art fair running in parallel to Art Basel Miami Beach. The artists will take over the Artsy booth and a hotel guest room featuring digital video projections of their WALLPAPERS.

Here Today…. An International Contemporary Art Exhibition

IUCN ad_V8.indd

Sedition contributes Tracey Emin’s digital edition, I Listen To The Ocean And All I Hear Is You to ‘Here Today…‘ a major exhibition marking 50 years of The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. The exhibition explores the current state of our environment through works by international contemporary artists working across diverse mediums. Participating artists include: George Condo, Andy Warhol, Gavin Turk, United Visual Artists, Douglas Gordon, Julian Opie, Mariko Mori, Carsten Höller, Diana Thater, amongst others.

The exhibition has been curated to include 8 different chapters exploring the pressing ecological challenges that face our environment. The exhibition is intended to take the viewer on a unique journey educating them about the pressure’s that humanity are putting on our fragile ecosystem.

Here Today… is supported by the IUCN which is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organisation and Baku Magazine. The IUCN demonstrates how biodiversity is fundamental to addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges such as climate change, sustainable development and food security. The exhibition is curated by Artwise , international curatorial collective.

Sedition will also offer a selection of works for sale in the exhibition’s gift shop including works by Tracey Emin, Mark Titchner, Mustafa Hulusi, Lee Lee Nam and others. Part of the proceeds will benefit the charity.

25 November – 17 December 2014
The Old Sorting Office, 21-33 New Oxford Street London WC1
Monday – Wednesday: 11-7pm, Thursday – Friday: 11-8pm, Saturday / Sunday: 11-6pm
Admission: Free for all ages

There are workshops and tours available to attend for free at the exhibition.
For more information, please visit:

Sedition raises over £4900 for Children & the Arts

Sedition are very pleased to have raised over £4900 for The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts charity auction at Saatchi Gallery on 1st October and online on Paddle 8 to help children with life limiting illnesses to experience uplifting arts activities. Works by Damien Hirst and Elmgreen & Dragset were auctioned online, and selected works by world renowned artists were available as part of the £25 raffle at the event.

The money raised will be used to contribute towards The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts ongoing work with their Start Hospice Programme. Over 50,000 children with life limiting illnesses in the UK have few opportunities to enjoy creative activities outside of their home or hospice with their family.

If you would like to make a donation or find out more about the charity visit: