Sedition Partners To Present Art On Public Screens In Norway

For 2016, Sedition has partnered with i/o/lab to display works on public screens around Stavanger, Norway as part of Public Art Screens, a programme dedicated to presenting contemporary video art and animation in public spaces to bring take art out of the gallery and into everyday life. Public Art Screens works with a number of venues including schools, public squares, hospitals, and art spaces around the city including Gosen Skole, Vitenfabrikken, Tou Scene, and KinoKino. The programme aims to increase awareness of work that engages with questions around technology, furthering existing debates and placing artworks in public space to push the boundaries of what can be called an exhibition space.

EricSchockmel-The Shrine

The Shrine by Eric Schockmel, digital edition


For Public Art Screens, the work of an international artist working with video and animation will be featured each month in 2016. In January, the work of Eric Schockmel launched the programme with a series of 3D animated works from his What If You Created Artificial Life And It Started Worshipping You series that imagine futuristic worlds. Schockmel explores the relationship between technology, art and culture through complex visualisations which see “motion graphics as an opportunity for storytelling”.

Auto-Monuments 7 by Angelo Plessas

Auto-Monuments #7 by Angelo Plessas, digital edition


For the month of February, Angelo Plessas features his Auto-Monuments series of short videos from Sedition of the surrealist garden of Las Pozas in Mexico created entirely on the iPhone. Pleassas’ work spans across video, installation, publishing and internet art. His work actively opens up potential for interaction and the reinvention of familiar online behaviours, visual landscapes and timeframes. “The internet could be called a monument to an ever-changing present. (It) appropriates time in an interesting way, and I am fascinated by (how humans behave in order to deal with this appropriation).” – Angelo Plessas

Each month the artists presented in Public Art Screens in 2016 are:


Watch a video preview of the programme:

Find out more about the Public Art Screens programme and venue locations on their website at:

i/o/lab Centre for Future Art is a non-profit organisation that develops professional artistic projects to advocates arts and new technologies in the region. Sedition is pleased to support i/o/lab and Public Art Screens in 2016 in our mission to bring art to screens and to make the best of contemporary art accessible to all.


Introducing Sedition Art Stream: A New Way To Experience Art Online

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Sedition Art Stream, a new streaming service that gives subscribers access to a curated exhibition of works by world renowned contemporary artist – changing the way you experience art online. Works can be streamed through the browser on any device or using the newly updated Sedition iOS app.

Art Stream features twelve artworks at any one time and are updated weekly – each week a new artwork is added and the last one is removed. The curated Art Stream features the very best of contemporary art including works by artists such as Bill Viola, Tracey Emin, Liu Ye, Mark Titchner and more.

The first week’s Art Stream includes:

  1. 1. I Promise To Love You by Tracey Emin
  2. 2. The Little Match Seller by Liu Ye
  3. 3. Not Even Love Will Tear Us Apart by LIA
  4. 4. The Chopper by Wim Wenders
  5. 5. UP! by Mark Titchner
  6. 6. Live With Mira Calix (Section 1) by Quayola & Sinigaglia
  7. 7. Somewhere We Will Meet Again by Pascal Haudressy
  8. 8. Extasis by Mustafa Hulusi
  9. 9. Signal 1 by Nicolas Sassoon & Rick Silva
  10. 10. Forever by Tim Noble & Webster
  11. 11. Dark Place by Doug Foster
  12. 12. Joss by Cheng Ran


Subscribe today and start your three month free trial followed by a low monthly fee of $10. Alternatively, purchase or gift a one year subscription and receive 50% off the first year at just $60. Subscribers will have unlimited access to a High Definition stream of twelve curated artworks and special privileges including discounts to purchase artwork falling off the stream and priority access to exclusive events and private views. Subscribers can download the new Sedition iOS app from the App Store to view the Art Stream, now compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro, or view the Art Stream in the browser on any connected device.

Subscribe today:

Download the Sedition iOS app from the App Store:

How It Works

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.53.55
How do I subscribe?

To subscribe to the Art Stream go to: Select whether you’d like to subscribe monthly or annually. As an introductory offer, sign-up and receive the first three months free on a monthly subscription or alternatively, purchase a one year subscription and receive 50% off the first year.

If you’re not already a member you’ll be prompted to sign-up for free. Enter your name, email address and password. Enter your card details to begin your free trial or one-year discounted subscription. You’ll then be taken through to the Art Stream, where you can view and explore the artworks.

How can I view my artworks?

You can view your Art Stream on any device through the browser. Click next to view the next artwork and click the full-screen icon to view the works in full-screen on your computer, TV or tablet. Download our newly updated iOS app from the App Store for your iPhone and iPad devices. The latest app is now compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro. Login to your Sedition account. If you are subscribed to the Art Stream, your stream will appear in the menu. Click Art Steam in the app and view your works in fullscreen. You can display your artworks on your iPhone or iPad using Apple TV and the Airplay functionality.

To download the Sedition iOS app visit the App Store.

NEW UPDATE: Sedition iOS App



We’re pleased to release a new version of our iOS app – the recommended platform for viewing your collection from Sedition. The latest update is now compatible with the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro devices for the best viewing experience of your digital artworks. Download the app from iTunes App Store or simply update your app to the latest version by going to the Updates page in the app store.

Key Features:

  • Introduction tour
  • Improved design and navigation
  • Browse Curated and Open Platform artists & artworks
  • Search artists, artworks and users
  • Add artworks to your Wish List
  • Play your Art Stream


Open the app and view our brief new introductory tour which will guide you through the Sedition platform. You can swipe to the next screen or click to skip the tour. Browse artworks right away or sign-up or login directly to the app to start building your WishList and collection.


iosapp_blog_1         isoapp_blog_2

Browse Curated and Open Platform artists and artworks; you can now easily switch between the two using the toggle at the top of screen. Use the new Search function to search for artists, artworks and collectors.


isoapp_blog_3         iosapp_blog_4

Select an artist to view their biography and click Follow to receive notifications of the artist’s latest activities and artwork releases.

Select an artwork to preview videos and images with a description of the artwork. Click Add To Wishlist to like the artwork. An email will be sent to you with a link to purchase the artwork on our website. Once you’ve purchased a work, go to your Vault in the app and swipe down to refresh the Vault. Your artwork will be loaded into the Vault.

From the Vault you can select the artwork to view the work. Tap once on the artwork and scroll to view a description of the artwork and your Certificate of Authenticity.


iosapp_blog_5         iosapp_blog_6

Click Manage Vault to download artworks onto your device (make sure you’re connected to WiFi so that you do not eat up your data). Select artworks that say In Cloud to download onto your device or select Download All to download all your artworks to your device. When the artworks are download they will say On Device, click the ‘X’ if you’d like to remove them from your device. Artworks you have downloaded onto your device can now play even while you are not connected to the internet.


iosapp_blog_7         iosapp_blog_8

Once the works are downloaded, click on Playlist and select the artworks you’d like to play in a loop. Click Play and your playlist will start playing in fullscreen.

Play your works on your TV by streaming your artworks from your iPhone or iPad by using the Airplay Mirroring feature and an Apple TV. Find out more on the Apple website.

Download the Sedition App now from the App Store.

Sedition Year in Review 2015

This year has been an incredible year for Sedition. Our team has been hard at work building new presences for digital editions in the real world and expanding the platform with new boundary-pushing artists and artworks. We are keen to unearth the latest developments at the intersection of art and technology. For our 2015 Year In Review, we look back at highlights including a solo exhibition by FIELD featuring wearable VR sculptures and the first Sedition displays in museum gift shops – allowing people to purchase digital editions as gift cards bringing digital art collecting to a wider audience in places near you.

Sedition Gift Cards + Museum Shop Displays


Sedition Point Of Sale at the Atkinson, Southport

Sedition museum shop display at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield


In 2015, Sedition has introduced displays into museum gift shops for selling physical gift cards in select museums and institutions in the UK and internationally. The aim of the initiative, is to bring digital editions to you as beautifully packaged gift cards to introduce art lovers to the concept of collecting digital art and to engage with audiences with Sedition in the real world.

Earlier in the year we partnered with Düsseldorf’s Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast to present 17 digital editions by Wim Wenders as gift card for the artist’s’ major retrospective exhibition, 4 Real & True 2 to celebrate his 70th birthday. We released two new digital editions In Eastern Germanyand Drive-In At Night for the show for which all proceeds benefit the museum.

We also worked with Yorkshire Sculpture Park to present digital editions by Bob and Roberta Smith and Bill Viola – both of whom have major exhibitions in the park in Wakefield that are still open for viewing. Bob & Roberta Smith’s open air exhibition Art For All is on until 3 January 2016 and Bill Viola’s comprehensive retrospective is on until 10 April 2016 in the Underground Gallery and Chapel. At The Atkinson in Southport a range of digital editions by renowned contemporary artists are available as gift cards from the gift shop including works by Tracey Emin who has previously presented a solo exhibition Love Is In The Air (2013) at the gallery. At Blenheim Palace, Sedition offers a digital edition by Lawrence Weiner for the artist’s solo show Within A Realm Of Distance. Most recently, Sedition is offering gift cards of Peter Newman’s new series the Dial Collection inclusive of three digital editions at his solo exhibition, Subterranean Blues at CNB Gallery (beneath Mark Hix’s Tramshed restaurant in Shoreditch). The exhibition is on now until 14 February 2016.

In 2016, we will continue to roll-out our displays to make digital editions available in gift shops near including at the Royal Academy in London. We are also offering the Gift Cards for sale online for a gift that can be delivered to your door. Visit our Gift Card page to find all editions available as gift cards (limited supply!) or look for the gift card button on selected artwork pages.

STRP Biennale

Earlier in March 2015, Sedition was invited to present works as part of Eindhoven’s STRP Biennale as part of the Silent Cinema programme. The collection, curated by festival director Angelique Spaninks, featuring works by artists including Doug Foster, Memo Akten, Angelo Plessas and Cheng Ran. For the biennale, Sedition also released a new edition Parallels by Paris-based light installation and audiovisual performance artists, NONOTAK.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.44.33

Parallels by NONOTAK is available to view on Sedition

FIELD: Violescence

In May, Sedition presented a solo exhibition of works by FIELD at The Hospital Club in Covent Gardens. The exhibition, Violescence, brought together digital prints, wearable sculptures and animations by the prolific digital art studio. Central to Violescence was Quasar, a series of wearable sculptures using Oculus Rift VR headsets to give a unique immersive interactive experience. Violescence explores both the physical and digital representations of an imagined near future. Watch an interview with the artists about the show:


London Design Festival

As part of the London Design Festival in September, Sedition presented a pop-up exhibition of works in Pimlico, London, sponsored by Grosvenor Property Group. Artworks by Gordon Cheung, Tracey Emin, Lee Lee Nam and others were presented on high resolution Samsung screens, allowing visitors a chance to explore the digital editions of art in physical space. Part of local event Designed in SW1, the exhibition brought to Pimlico an interesting contrast with the more traditional exhibitions more frequently seen in the area.

Sedition works on display at Gallery 57

Sedition works on display at Gallery 57

Ryoichi Kurokawa Kickstarter

In December, FACT Liverpool launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance the final stages of an ambitious project by Ryoichi Kurokawa. Sedition is proud to be supporting the development of the new project unfold which renders data from molecular clouds in space into an immersive audiovisual installation. Back the project by pledging £50, £75 or £150 to receive one or all three digital editions from Kurokawa’s syn_ collection along with rewards including exclusive exhibition tours, priority tickets to his performance and limited edition prints and tote bags.

Ryoichi Kurokawa's 'syn_' collection, available on Sedition

Ryoichi Kurokawa’s syn_ collection, available on Sedition


The past year has been a whirlwind, and we are looking forward to exciting future developments in 2016 with new features including a brand new iOS app, launch of the Sedition Art Stream and new iPad frames to allow you to display your works in your home in a elegant frame. Watch this space for more news coming soon.


Online Exhibition Spaces: The Wrong Biennale

Until 31 January, exhibitions across the world have been co-ordinated to form the programme  of The Wrong Biennale, a festival taking place as a network of galleries and artists presenting work online and IRL (in-real-life) in various cities and locations. This year marks the second incarnation of the festival, which is described by founder David Quiles Guilló as “the largest and most comprehensive digital art biennale today” and which is certainly timely given the proliferation of online exhibitions over the past few years.


‘Shiva’s Dreaming (Crystal Palace)’ by Lawrence Lek on Sedition


So what is an online exhibition? For those unfamiliar, the concept may seem bizarre. How does The Wrong relate to other site-specific biennales like Manifesta, digitally-inclined institutions like the Rijksmuseum, and online exhibition platforms like Google Art Projects? The discussion of online exhibition spaces could extend to the digital practices of museums, to online platforms for art video streaming, to online archives to residencies and instagram ‘takeovers’ – all presenting possibilities for presenting art online. How does one approach and understand an online exhibition when the forms of such presentations vary so vastly? What does it mean when online and ‘IRL’ / physical environments combine into an exhibition? This post will survey three current exhibitions in The Wrong Biennale that feature the work of Sedition artists who engage with the internet as a medium. In doing so, we will discuss the forms and possibilities for  online exhibition ‘spaces’.


Equalizer is an exhibition presented as part of The Wrong Biennale. It is an app which presents a virtual space, within which are located ten sound works. The architect of this virtual space is Lawrence Lek, and artists include Mira Calix, Ain Bailey and Victor Timofeev.

One of the great things about internet art and online galleries is that it creates new spaces for work which previously sat uneasily in physical gallery spaces. Sound and video art have often challenged – and been challenged by – physical space. Online galleries can create specialised environments which present such works in new ways which are perhaps more suited to media dealing with temporalities and silences.


Claudia hart dimoda

Claudia Hart’s work on display IRL at Transfer Gallery as part of DiMoDa. Image via DiMoDa


Also in conjunction with The Wrong is DiMoDa (The Digital Museum of Digital Art) a preeminent virtual institution and a virtual reality exhibition platform taking place both online and IRL and featuring artists including Claudia Hart, Tim Berresheim and Jacolby Satterwhite. The exhibition, presented by Transfer Gallery, brings online space and physical space into jarring, exploratory contact. DiMoDa also looks in creative ways at the Oculus Rift in creating platforms for experiencing art in a virtual space to bring new uses and applications to the new technology. Artists are asking questions and challenging / testing the boundaries of the latest innovation trends that are currently being thought of in very narrow terms.

Crystallised Skins

Featuring artists including Zeitguised, Katie Torn, Brenna Murphy, Alex McLeod, Quayola, Geoffrey Lillemon and Andreas Nicholas Fischer, Crystallised Skins is an online platform featured in The Wrong Biennale. The aim of the virtual pavilion is to present works through a composite of frames; rather than being an individual object or entity each work is defined by several presentations.

'Drawforest' by Alex McLeod

‘Drawforest’ by Alex McLeod – artwork available on Sedition


With the spread of computer literacy has come a realisation that behind what one sees on the computer screen is far more complicated than the interface would have you believe. Programming languages are numerous and specific enough to be comparable to spoken languages. As digital media in different formats makes increasing contact with our daily interactions, artists are increasingly looking to address the relative lack of understanding of the processes behind the artwork, and revealing the 3D design models for creating digital animated works.

In presenting works as complexities to be interrogated rather than simply observed, Crystallised Skins hopes to give them a different historicity, one which acknowledges the impact of ‘artwork as a composite of processes’ on distributing images and formulating identities. Of course, artwork which reflects on its own ontology is nothing new, and Crystallised Skins maintains a clear link with history, explaining that “now, in our digital age, a generation exists that is surrounded by copies, appropriations and remixes without questioning the origin of an idea. So this collection of virtual objects is extending upon the historic trajectory of the physical libraries, spanning an artistic heritage of centuries.”

Rethinking Virtual Spaces

Ian Cheng's upcoming digital commission at the Serpentine.  Image: Serpentine Galleries

Ian Cheng’s upcoming digital commission at the Serpentine. Image: Serpentine Galleries


One of the bewildering things about exploring online galleries is that these are websites which misbehave. The online gallery has some parallels with physical gallery spaces which, because of the practicalities of installation and deinstallation, are continually restructured and never quite predictable. A browse through The Wrong or any of its virtual pavilions will show that there is very little of the predictable about the online space. From design (headers, page layouts, fonts) to functionalities (what happens when you click or scroll; how menus and submenus work), every component of an online space is liable to be subverted. Like in a physical space you can build and paint the walls, adjust the lighting and arrange the furnishings within a space. More and more we will see the virtual and physical spaces collapse into one to be taken for creative curation of works both online and offline.

Contemporary art lovers will no doubt be encountering online and virtual spaces – in various forms – more often. Indeed major galleries and institutions now present digital projects and platforms; notably, Serpentine Galleries’ digital commissions by Ian Cheng, Guggenheim’s first online exhibition Azone and Gazelli Art House’s new online residency platform You can also consider Sedition as part of your personal online exhibition space where you can curate and display works on screens in your home.

To receive regular news featuring updates on digital and contemporary art and news of newly released digital editions on Sedition, follow us on Facebook and Twitter or sign-up to our newsletter.

Introducing Sedition Gift Cards


Sedition is pleased to introduce a range of Gift Cards for selected artworks available as a beautifully packaged gift delivered right to your friend or loved one’s door.

In the past year, we’ve developed a range of gift cards available for sale in a number of museums and institutions in the UK and internationally. Find our displays current in the gift shops of Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Atkinson Museum, Blenheim Palace and Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf. As an alternative option to gifting an edition via email, we are offering members the chance to purchase and gift the editions as gift cards that we have offered in the museum shops – making our Gift Cards the perfect thing to put under a tree or gift directly by hand IRL (in-real-life).

At Sedition, we see the value of real world interaction where we are exploring the gifting and experience of digital art both online and offline. To gift a digital edition from Sedition as a physical gift card, simply explore our Gift Card page for the selected artworks we have available as gift cards (limited supply only), or look for the Buy Gift Card button on the artwork page.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 16.51.20

In addition to our artwork gift cards, we are also offering a number of stored value gift cards, which lets the recipient choose their gifts for amounts from £10, £25, £50 and £100, which they can spend on any artwork(s) from Sedition.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 17.02.53

Buying a Gift Card

Once you’ve selected the gift card that you want click ‘Buy Gift Card’, the gift card will be added to your cart. Note you’ll need to create an account on Sedition before you can purchase any artworks – doing so takes less than a minute and is free.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 17.00.03

To purchase the gift card, go to your cart by clicking on the cart icon at the top of the page. A standard fee of $8.00 will be added for postage and packaging to anywhere in the world.

Click Proceed to Checkout. Add a personal message, which will be printed and packaged along with your gift card, and enter the delivery address. Your gift card will be dispatched within 2 working days using regular snail mail (we don’t take responsibility for the postal service, so please ensure you get your orders with enough time for delivery from the UK!). Enter your card and billing details to complete the purchase. You will receive a receipt via email.
Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.33.25

Redeeming Your Gift Card

Once your gift card has been received, to redeem the gift card simply:

  • Go to
  • Login or create an account
  • Scratch off the back of the card to reveal the code. Enter the code and click ‘Redeem’
  • Go to your Vault to enjoy the artwork on any TV, tablet and smartphone or download our free apps for iPhone/iPad, Android and Samsung Smart TV.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.41.09

If you have any problems with your order or redeeming your gift card, contact us at: or +44 (0)3214 9955.

Sedition Gift Ideas: Give a digital artwork this holiday season


This holiday season we invite you to explore our gift guides, each featuring a selection of works specially curated under the following themes: 3D animation, drawing, audiovisual and conceptual art. Browse our gift ideas and start your friend or loved one’s digital art collection today.

Do you have a friend who spends all their spare time visiting galleries and would love to have a collection of their own? Do you have a family member who spends an inordinate amount of time reading and talking about new technologies and developments in new media? Give an artwork or collection as a gift and introduce them to a world of digital limited edition art. Discover artworks for all kinds of art lovers.

As a platform for contemporary and digital art, we have worked closely with artists to release original works by world renowned artists including Tracey Emin, Wang Qingsong, Mat Collishaw, Lee Lee Nam and many more. Each digital limited edition comes with a certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist and Sedition. Collectors can view their artworks on any TV, tablet or smartphone by logging into their Sedition account through the browser or using one of our free iPhone/iPad, Android and Samsung Smart TV apps. Become a member for free and follow artists to gain access to the latest news and upcoming exhibitions.

To purchase an artwork as a gift on Sedition, simply:

  • Select an artwork or collection
  • Click the ‘Send As Gift’ button and enter the recipient’s email address twice
  • Add a personal message and set the delivery date to 25 December

Your gift will be sent via email as an inspiring gift for holiday season.

You can explore our full range of curated gift collections on our gift page. Meanwhile here are our seasonal suggestions:


Drawforest / Alex McLeod / £16
Composition 1 / Sara Ludy / £12
Alien Sonata / Jonathan Monaghan / £12
Cloud, Candy I / Zeitguised / £22
Miracle or Evil / Shezad Dawood / £32




After Twombly…One Evening / Idris Khan / £22
245 Drops / Sui Jianguo / £10
This Is My Favourite Little Bird / Tracey Emin / £53
The Difference Between (Idiots and Angels) / Michael Joo / £33
Mutated Swamp Girl / David Choe / £10




Falling Forward / Scanner / £25
OCP/ Mitch Stratten / £28
Reincarnation / AES+F / £53
Veil of Light / Doug Foster / £20
Presence 2.1 / Universal Everything / £33


Extinction / Mustafa Hulusi / £16
The Sky Moves / Lawrence Weiner / £53
Paolo Cirio / Open Society Structures / £16
Painting To Shake Hands / Yoko Ono / £132
Art Makes Children Powerful / Bob and Roberta Smith / £16


If you’d like to gift an artwork but aren’t sure which, you can also treat somebody to a stored value Sedition Gift Card.
Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 12.28.35

Part 2: Sedition Recommends: Miami Art Week Satellite Fairs

During Art Basel, Miami becomes a hive of cultural activity as institutions, collectives, artists, curators and other industry professionals organise events of diverse type and scale across the city.

The Untitled art fair is one of the larger satellite events and this year showcases work from 119 galleries including bitforms, where work by Sara Ludy, Jonathan Monaghan and Quayola is displayed, and Galerie Ron Mandos, where works by Isaac Julien is among those exhibited. Isaac Julien discusses the process behind some of his multiscreen works with collaborators Adam Finch and Andy Cowtown on 4 December. Tracey Emin is among exhibitors at Denis Garderin Gallery, while a series of chairs at Untitled is presented by Lawrence Weiner.

Jonathan Monaghan's 'Robot Ninja' is available as digital edition at

Jonathan Monaghan’s Robot Ninja is available as digital edition at


Other major art fairs taking place during the week are Art Miami Art Fair and its sister fairs Context Art Miami and Aqua Art Miami, which focus on supporting the work of emerging artists. Among the exhibitions presented at Art Miami is a display by Gazelli Art House (Booth C10) featuring Aaron Koblin and Ben Tricklebank’s ‘Light Echoes’ series. Other artists presenting work at Art Miami Art Fair include Michael Craig-Martin and Mat Collishaw.

Satellite fairs worth a visit during Miami Art Week also include NADA, whose focus is on fostering the development of international emerging artists and practices, and Scope, which this year celebrates its 15th anniversary. The newest event to the scene is Satellite Art Fair which follows an alternative exhibition format and brings to Miami TRANSFER Gallery’s DiMoDa featuring work from Claudia Hart and Tim Berresheim.

Claudia Hart's 'Les Petites Romantiques' collection, available on Sedition

Claudia Hart’s Les Petites Romantiques collection, available on Sedition


A number of interventions and events are also happening at Delano Hotel where Gazelli Art House presents a performative take on portraiture, Alpha-Ation by Walter and Zoniel, which profiles A-Listers using a hand built camera. Meanwhile design pieces created from Ron Arad’s collaboration with Italian designers Moroso furnishes the Design Escape lounge at Miami Ironside.

Sedition is pleased to offer a wide range of digital editions by leading contemporary artists including those featuring works in and around Art Basel Miami. Collect and enjoy digital artworks at affordable prices for display on TV, tablets and smartphones and re-sell the works once the editions have sold out on our Trade platform. Discover artists, artworks and collections on Sedition at

'Echoes of Toki' #3 by Walter and Zoniel: via

‘Echoes of Toki’ #3 by Walter and Zoniel: via

2-6 December 2015
Ocean Drive and 12th Street,
South Beach, Miami, FL

Art Miami
1-6 December 2015
Midtown | Wynwood Arts District
3101 NE 1st Avenue Miami, FL

Midtown | Wynwood Arts District
3101 NE 1st Avenue Miami, FL

Aqua Art Miami
2-6 December 2015
1530 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL

Scope Art
1-6 December 2015
801 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL

New Art Dealers’ Alliance
3-5 December 2015
The Fontainebleau Miami Beach
4441 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL

Satellite Show
1-6 December 2015
Various locations, Miami Beach, FL

Part 1: Sedition Recommends: Art Basel Miami Beach

This week will see artists, professionals and influencers from around the world descend on the southern tip of Florida for Art Basel Miami Beach for what has turned into one of the largest art events in the US, Miami Art Week, with over twenty satellite fairs alongside the main exhibition at the Miami Beach Convention Centre – making the city the number one destination for culture and parties in the first week of December.

While those flying in begin to acclimatise to the comparatively balmy weather in Miami, we have put together a guide to help you navigate the glut of exciting artist exhibitions, interesting talks and intriguing satellite events.


Featuring at Art Basel Miami this year are over 191 galleries, 16 curated solo booths at Positions and 14 historically-informed presentations in the Survey sector, and 27 curated exhibition of works by internationally renowned artists in the Kabinett strand of the fair. The fair is divided in its presentation into sector, with works presented according to thematic strands entitled ‘Galleries’, ‘Nova’, ‘Positions’, ‘Edition’, ‘Kabinett’, ‘Survey’, ‘Public’, ‘Film’ and ‘Magazines’. Each sector enables visitors to approach a complex show through a different conceptual viewfinder.

Detail from Michael Craig-Martin 'Surfacing', available as a digital edition on Sedition

Detail from Michael Craig-Martin Surfacing, available as a digital edition on Sedition

At Alan Cristea’s (Booth A12) features mono-prints and editions by Sedition artist Michael Craig-Martin as a Kabinett exhibition located within the Editions sector. Also represented by Alan Cristea is Gordon Cheung who presents a series of new print editions.

Art Basel Miami Beach
3-6 December
Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139


The Art Basel Miami’s film programme also features the work of both Tracey Emin (3 December) and Guan Xiao (5 December) in the evening screenings. The works will be projected onto a 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall in SoundScape park, a short walk away from the Convention Centre where the main fair takes place.

Guan Xiao's installation at Frieze London 2015 - photograph by Andrew Crowe.

Guan Xiao’s installation at Frieze London 2015 – photo by Andrew Crowe.

Art Basel Miami Film
2-6 December
Soundscape Park
1700 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139


Art Basel Miami Beach is home to a wide range of talks, which this year illuminates the work and thought of professionals who deal with themes including art collecting in the digital, post-colonial age to transgender in the mainstream. Acclaimed artists including Jenny Holzer and Michael Craig-Martin will also present talks during the fair. On 3 December at 10am, Holzer and fellow practitioner Trevor Paglen discuss their work and he significance of current communication channels and information systems in the Premier Artist Talk. Visitors to the fair can also see Craig-Martin in conversation with independent London based curator and art historian Sir Norman Rosenthal on 5 December at 5pm.

Jenny Holzer 'One Liner' - available on Sedition

Jenny Holzer One Liner – available on Sedition

There are also a number of thematic panel discussions which touch on the impact of the digital on art collecting, identity formation and the way society perceives and impacts upon creative work and the creative industries. These include a conversation led by Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s senior curator Omar Kholeif entitled ‘Collecting as a Political Act’. Kholeif is the curator of an upcoming exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, London exploring 40 years of artwork produced in response to the internet.

Jenny Holzer in Conversation with Trevor Paglen
3 December 10:00 – 11:30

Michael Craig-Martin in Conversation with Sir Norman Rosenthal
5 December 17:00 – 18:00

‘Collecting as a Political Act’
5 December 16:00 – 17:00

Miami Beach Convention Centre
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

PART 2: Sedition Frieze Guide 2015: What To See During Frieze Week

In Part 2 of our guide to Frieze, Sedition presents our recommendations for those looking to explore London during Frieze week – with a focus on art and the digital. We’ve hand-picked the best, most exciting events around the city and will be posting live updates from the fair on 15 October. Follow us at @seditionart for the latest news and updates during Frieze.

You can also read Part 1 of the Sedition Frieze Guide 2015, which highlights Sedition artists showing during the week.

AyrBandB: Comfort Zone.  Image:

AyrBandB: Comfort Zone. Image:


Sedition Picks: At Frieze

Frieze Projects

Frieze London, Regent’s Park NW1 4NR
14 – 17 October 2015

Frieze Projects, curated by Nicola Lees, is a non-profit presentation of commissions supported by LUMA Foundationand Arts Council England. For those interested in digital art, Sedition recommends the installation created by ÅYR, which explores the implications of the relationship between the Smart Home and Big Data.

Frieze Sounds

Frieze London, Regent’s Park NW1 4NR
14 – 17 October 2015

New media experimentation, how time is measured and represented using digital technologies, the relationship between improvisation and capture…these are themes explored in Frieze Sounds, a collection of sonic commissions recorded at Frieze New York and available to download during the London festival.

Metahaven in conversation with Justin McGuirk

Frieze London, Regent’s Park NW1 4NR
16 October 2015, 1pm

Frieze’s programme of talks are always fascinating, giving an insight into the most pressing questions and talked-about themes in the art world. Sedition recommends seeing ‘Bad. Planetary Scale. Delicious.’ on 16 October, where Metahaven will discuss current questions around surveillance and transparency in conversation with Justin McGuirk.


Sedition Picks: Beyond Frieze

Institutionalising The Digital: Platforms, Formats and Infrastructures

Goethe Institut London, 50 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PH
16 October 2015, 3pm

Leading thinkers and creative practitioners who engage in various ways with the interface, the database and the algorithm come together for this panel discussion and website takeover at Goethe Institut London. The talk focuses on how digital infrastructures and art industry structures can – and promise to – collide and combine now and in the future. Speakers include Rhizome’s Zachary Kaplan and DIS Magazine’s Lauren Boyle. During the event Opening Times will be interacting with the event through a takeover of the Goethe Institut website.


Jon Rafman solo exhibition

Zabludowicz Collection, 176 Prince of Wales Road, London NW5 3PT
Until 20 December 2015

Jon Rafman, Mainsqueeze, 2014 (still). Image courtesy the artist and Zabludowicz Collection

Jon Rafman, Mainsqueeze, 2014 (still). Image courtesy the artist and Zabludowicz Collection


For his first major UK solo exhibition at Zabludowicz Collection, Jon Rafman has created a series of installations which blur the distinction between the ‘lived’ and the simulated. The artist, who is interested in the relationship between human perception and the digital and in the representation and enactment of desire, presents his first entirely live action movie – a collaboration with Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) – at the exhibition.


Serpentine Transformation Marathon

Serpentine Sackler Gallery, West Carriage Drive, London W2 2AR : 17 October 2015, 10am-10pm 18 October 2015, midnight – noon

For the tenth year of the Serpentine Gallery’s Marathon series the gallery presents Transformation Marathon, which takes place at the Sackler Gallery, with live streaming on Youtube, on 17 October and is broadcast online from midnight on 18 October. This year’s marathon is concerned with strategies for enacting change in the digital age and invites to the stage contemporary theorists, researchers and practitioners whose work addresses different kinds of societal/political/cultural shift.


Software: Hard Problem

Cubitt Gallery, 8 Angel Mews, London N1 9HH
Until 15 November 2015

At Cubitt an exhibition curated by Morgan Quaintance and featuring artists including Maurice Mohr, Cécile B. Evans and Lawrence Lek presents an alternative view of the digital. In Software: Hard Problem technology is neither to be feared nor revered; the participating artists instead explore the ways in which technological advancements and being human are intrinsically linked.

In conjunction with Software: Hard Problem, Resonance FM will broadcast a series of interviews with the artists involved between 4 October and 22 November. The interviews are available to download from the Cubitt website.


The Human Face of Cryptoeconomies

Furtherfield, McKenzie Pavilion, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2NQ
17 October – 22 November 2015.  Private View 16 October 2015

Facecoin by Rob Myers.  Image courtesy of Furtherfield

Facecoin by Rob Myers. Image: Furtherfield


The Human Face Of Cryptoeconomies is the first in a series of exhibitions to comprise Furtherfield’s Art Data Money series. The focus of the exhibition is to consider how value systems, production values and societal constructs (for instance ownership or collection) could change in the age of the blockchain. Contributing artists include Sarah T Gold, Jennifer Lyn Morone, Rob Myers, The Museum of Contemporary Commodities (MoCC) andSedition artist Shu Lea Cheang, who imagines a world whose social currency is garlic. A series of interactive labs run alongside the exhibition.

View Shu Lea Cheang’s Data Hack collection featuring three netart pieces on Sedition.


The Liquid Archive

Banner Repeater, Hackney Downs Network Rail, Platform 1 Dalston Ln, London E8 1LA
Until 18 October 2015

The latest exhibition at Hackney Downs train station’s resident gallery Banner Repeater examines the impact of digital image reproduction techniques on art and art exhibitions. How do new methods of image capture relate to, or impact on, the collective story of art? What does the widespread usage of new media imply for the future of the exhibition space?