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s[edition] on The Fancy

s[edition] is now available to purchase on The Fancy! The site is a Pinterest-esque consumer platform, where buyers can pin items they like and buy directly.

Currently, you can buy a range of works from Mat Collishaw, Mark Titchner, Mustafa Hulusi, Shepard Fairey and more. But the best part are the new images we released of our works to accompany the launch. See some of our favorites below.

New Edition: Symphony by Bharti Kher

s[edition] is pleased to announce our latest artist launch – Bharti Kher. The Indian artist has teamed up with s[edition] with her latest work Symphonyas part of our our dynamic pricing structure.

 Bharti Kher’s work encompasses painting, sculpture and installation. Among her signature materials, she uses ready-made, colored vinyl bindis to create spectacularly vibrant paintings. The bindi takes its name from the Sanskrit word “bindu,” or dot. Since first appearing in her work in 1995, the bindi has telegraphed aesthetic and cultural duality, and a means to mix the superficial with the sublime.

Many people believe it’s a traditional symbol of marriage while others, in the West particularly, see it as a fashion accessory,” Kher has explained. “But actually the bindi is meant to represent a third eye – one that forges a link between the real and the spiritual-conceptual worlds.”

In Symphony the thousands of differently coloured bindis form fireworks and swirls of movement, which vibrate in the eyes of the viewer.

The work is an edition of 1500 starting at £10. Symphony is also part of s[edition]’s dynamic pricing model. As edition availability decreases the price of the work increases.

Keep checking back for your chance to win a signed copy Bharti Kher’s latest book, coinciding with her current exhibition at Parasol Unit Foundation, courtesy of s[edition] and Hauser & Wirth.

Disruption: The Convergence of Art and Technology

On October 1 next week, s[edition] is excited to be hosting a digital art panel at the ICA London. Disruption: The Convergence of Art and Technology will consist of a panel discussion amongst curators, artist, digital art professionals and writers about the current trends of digital art as it crosses cultural boundaries in curation, artists’ practices and collecting.

Participants include: Daniel Brown (Artist), Mat Collishaw (Artist), Matthew Johnstone (Artist), Quayola (Artist), Mike Stubbs (Director of FACT) and Ché Zara Blomfield (Curator). Kevin Holmes (Executive Editor of The Creators Project) will moderate the discussion.

Following the panel will be a drinks reception sponsored by Brooklyn Lager where audience members can mingle with the panel and other digital art enthusiasts. There will also be DJ Mark Bickmore and a chance to view the artists’ work on screens provided by Samsung.

So what are you waiting for? If you live in London come and meet the s[edition] staff and digital art influencers. Plus it’s free, so no excuses! Get your tickets here.

Elmgreen & Dragset for Garage

Not only have Elmgreen & Dragset  created their latest digital edition for s[edition] in collaboration with Garage, which is also a limited edition cover for the Fall/Winter 2012 issue, but created a mesmerising black & white editorial shoot around some of their latest works. Channeling a dream-like sequence, the shoot creates a story around the duo’s works, which can be seen in the Louis Vuitton flagship in London.

The editorial entitled When Time Got Tired was shot by legendary photographers Angelo Seminara and Mike Pocock.

See images of the spread in its entirety below.

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Opening Ceremony reviews Elmgreen & Dragset

Opening Ceremony, trendsetters’ cult favorite go to for fashion, collaborations, art and culture in Los Angeles and New York City, has jumped over the pond to open their first store in London and release a new sports luxe Topshop collaboration during the Olympics.

As art lovers, we are most excited about their blog, giving us an insight into the behind the scenes and their staff’s favorite events and releases all over the world. Recently, one of their London based staffers headed over to Victoria Miro to check out Elmgreen & Dragset‘s solo show, Harvest, on view now. Here is the review below, but if you want to check out the review and other great articles, visit the Opening Ceremony blog here.


What Do You Want to Do Before the End of the World?


To coincide with their Fall/Winter 2012 Garage Magazine cover and Louis Vuitton exhibition, Elmgreen & Dragset countdown to the end of the world with a digital limited edition of a brand new artwork – The End Is Always Nearer, 2012.

The End Is Always Nearer, 2012 is the duo’s third collaboration with s[edition] and just like the work itself collectors are truly racing against the clock with the introduction of a new dynamic pricing model. The 11.11 countdown parodies the most well known doomsday date of modern time – the supposed end of the world at 11.11am Mexican time on 21.12.2012 according to the Mayan calendar. The date is presented as a timed bomb about to blow up a safe, but what is kept secure – or contained – and what will be revealed after the explosion, the artists leave us to speculate about. Elmgreen & Dragset said the following about the inspiration behind the edition:

 We as human beings have at all times to try to do whatever we can to protect ourselves against potential catastrophes, and to protect what is valuable to us, however the ‘big disaster’ is always lurking around the corner.

The work will go on sale today as an edition of 500 along with the continuation of s[edition]’s new dynamic pricing model. To reward early collectors, The End Is Always Nearer, 2012 will be available for as low as £5. The price of the artwork will then steadily increase as editions become scarcer.

Like previous collaborations with s[edition], including Powerless Structures, Fig. 101, their famous Fourth Plinth sculpture on view in the heart of London’s Trafalgar Square, Elmgreen & Dragset have created The End Is Always Nearer, 2012 as their own digital interpretation of the physical artwork. From 16 September 2012, The End Is Always Nearer will be on show at the Louis Vuitton London Flagship along with other original works.

On 21 September, Elmgreen & Dragset will also open their highly anticipated solo exhibition, Harvest, at Victoria Miro in London.


New Edition: Holophon by Steven Claydon

s[edition] is pleased to announce our latest artist launch – Steven Claydon. The British artist has teamed up with s[edition] with his latest work Holophon  to introduce our dynamic pricing structure.

 Holophon is a powerful example of how Claydon creates bizarre hybrids out of multiple familiar concepts: an object that looks like a handmade clay pot, reminiscent of ancient cultures, is dimly lit against a pitch black background as if on display in an archaeological museum. However, the object seems translucent: its representation reminds us of holograms with a three-dimensional feel, and the deep tribal background sounds catapult the image into a sphere where it appears sacred. “I was really interested to see what would happen if I tried to reanimate an artifact with cultural significance in the digital realm,” says Claydon. All at one time, Claydon evokes the concepts of history, tradition, archiving, exhibiting, collecting, high and low culture, pop and classicism, as if to create a shamanic object reflected in pixels across our screen demanding our reverence.

Realizing the convergence of the technological and physical art worlds, Claydon embraces s[edition]’s concept of selling digital limited editions as artists begin to experiment these new tools and mediums.

I am aware of limitations of making physical objects. For me it is exciting that you can have an idea in the morning and can turn it into an object by the following day…s[edition] will become ever more apparent as art exists in digital form in the digital realm,” says Claydon.

The work is an edition of 500 starting at £10. Holophon also marks the beginning of s[edition]’s dynamic pricing model. As edition availability decreases the price of the work increases. Simply said, the earlier you buy the less you pay, so make sure to purchase early!

Keep checking back for a chance to win a signed exhibition catalogue from Steven Claydon’s first Uk public exhibition – Culpable Earth!

s[edition] at Art Gwangju

From September 5 – 9, s[edition] was invited to show at Art Gwangju in Korea. An exciting four days, we had the opportunity to bring s[edition] to new buyers and audiences the East. Like us, most buyers were excited to see the digital version of Prada Marfa by Elmgreen & Dragset. We even gave new buyers a credit towards their first purchase.

Jenny Holzer Turns Truisms into Fashion


In September’s issue of Vogue Italia, Jenny Holzer collaborated with iconic fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh and model turned actress Milla Jovovich for a retro haute couture shoot. This is Jenny Holzer high fashion style, ladies and gentlemen.

Check out some of our favorite images after the jump.


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