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A Pint for Liu Xiaodong

Liu XiaodongLiu Xiaodong painting Getting Out of Beichuan on-site in China’s Sichuan Province. Credit: ©

Liu Xiaodong has taken up residency in London painting a pub! Liu, one of China’s most famous and successful contemporary artists, recently joined the prestigious ranks of Lisson Gallery – the latter already represent Ai Weiwei, Lee Ufan and Tatsuo Miyajima. Liu is in unique residency in London this summer where he is painting an eccentric London pub near the gallery on-site, before he is scheduled to have his first exhibition at Lisson from September 25th until November 2nd in London this year.

s[edition] is thrilled to unveil Liu’s first ever digital limited edition Blinking at an approved satellite exhibition at the 55th Venice Biennale opening June 1st until November 24th. For those going to Venice, don’t miss his work displayed at Spazio Thetis, Castello 2737, 30122, Venice, Italy in the building directly opposite the Italian Pavilion.

Liu Xiaodong’s film Blinking was created from ten video segments from a documentary about his painting excursions over recent years. Blinking is now available in an edition of 1,000 starting at £180/$188.

Michael Joo In 3D

Michael Joo

Michael Joo has is undertaking a Smithsonian Artist Residency Fellowship, at the Smithsonian Art Museum in Washington DC: he is “shadowing experts [from the Smithsonian’s technology department] in digital imaging and exhibitions to research and learn without the pressure of having to produce anything.” One of Joo’s ambitions is to study the advanced 3D scanning and printing technologies available at the museum. Are you ready for 3D digital Michael Joo antlers above your fireplace?

Joo’s digital limited edition The Difference Between (Idiots and Angels) is available on s[edition] for $50 in edition of 5,000.


Jane & Louise Wilson – Sister Act

Jane & Louise WilsonJane & Louise Wilson, Hypnotic Sugfestion 505, 1993

We have launched another YBA artist-duo: twin-sisters Jane and Louise Wilson! They have been making movies together since the late 1980s, and especially their early works regularly feature themselves: in one film we watch Jane and Louise get hypnotised, and when the hypnotist asks them to touch their own faces, Jane’s hand reaches towards Louise’s face and Louise’s towards Jane’s; in a different movie the sisters take LSD for the first time, living out their experience in a room with flashing strobe lights.

More recently, Jane & Louise Wilson were commissioned by the National Trust to produce a project in Orford Ness on the Suffolk coast in Great Britain. The project called ‘Blind Landing’ refers to the Blind Landing Experimental Unit that was operational during the Cold War period: “The work comprises of a series of yardsticks sited within the laboratory buildings, that challenge the sense of scale and ruin, pointing to the architecture of forensics and camouflage, and highlighting their historic relevance as ‘future ruins’.” Watch them discuss their project (below), which is the origin of their digital limited edition Pagoda, Lab 5 H-bomb test facility, Orford Ness on s[edition].

The sisters have released three digital photographs as digital limited editions on s[edition] including: False Positives, False NegativesThe New Brutalistsand Pagoda, Lab 5 H-bomb test facility, Orford Ness  available for $8/£5 each in editions of 1,000.

Bristol Gone Titchner

During the May Bank Holiday, all of Mark Titchner’s s[edition] artworks were on public display on the BBC Big Screen, at Millenium Square, Bristol, every 20 minutes: Up!, Fear of Life, Tantric Separation, and Love and Work were shown in conjunction with the launch of Titchner’s new sculpture A Naiad. The latter is based on a Victorian piece of machinery and named after the water nymphs of Greek Mythology – naiads – to evoke the aquatic theme of the work and the city of Bristol.

Titchner’s exclusive digital limited editions are available on s[edition] at $16/£10/€12.






Credits: Mark Titchner, A Naiad, 2013.
Commissioned by Bristol City Council. Courtesy of the artist and Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives.
Photo © Max McClure.

Bharti Kher World Auction Record – The $1.7 Million Elephant

Bharti Kher
Photo credit: © ArtLyst

Bharti Kher’s The Skin Speaks A Language Not Its Own, 2006, was sold for $1,785,000 on Monday at Christie’s New York and is a new record auction price for the artist. The sale titled THE 11TH HOUR realised a total of $38,827,000 and was held in partnership with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The proceeds will benefit environmental and wildlife conservation efforts supported by the Foundation. More than 30 of the world’s most recognised living artists donated works to the sale. Kher’s sculpture was one of nine artworks to sell above $1,000,000.

Kher’s first digital limited edition Symphony is available on s[edition] starting at just $27/£17/€20 in an edition of 1,500. All proceeds for this work benefit the ICA.

s[edition] Official Partner at Eyeo Festival 2013

Converge to Inspire’. With this aim, the Eyeo Festival brings together an outstanding selection of creative coders, data designers and artists working with the latest technologies. The event will take place at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, (US) from June 5-8 and we are proud to be an official partner.

Casey Reas and Ben Fry at Eyeo Festival
(Photo: Casey Reas and Ben Fry)

Eyeo is a 3 day festival of inspirational talks, workshops, labs and opportunities to connect with people that are pushing the boundaries of art, interaction and information. The program will feature artists such as Casey Reas and Ben Fry who are the fathers of processing, a programming language widely used to create generative art. Watch a capture of Reas’s generative work below:

As partners of this fascinating festival, we hope to inspire the next generation of artists to continue creating, innovating and distributing their artworks in digital formats to a world of art lovers.

Memo Atken and Quayola forms07-02-800x533
(Photo: Forms by Memo Atken and Quayola)

If you are attending the festival, we will be announcing fresh news about s[edition]’s new expanded platform for artists. If you are not going, look out for full length videos of the presentations on Vimeo or on the official Eyeo website. We will also be following the conversations from our twitter account.

s[edition] @ Grand Designs Live

s[edition] is excited to be at Grand Designs Live this week with a pop-up gallery at the Samsung House. You may have heard of Grand Designs from the Channel 4 TV series presented by design guru Kevin McCloud. The event features over 500 exhibitors, across interiors, gardens, home improvement, self-build, renovations, technology and more.

Come find us next to the N1 exit in the Grand Technology section of the event on the 2nd floor of the Samsung House. Pick up your £10 gift voucher for a digital limited edition artwork. Grand Designs Live takes place from May 4-12 at ExCel London.

Check out photos from our space: