s[edition] Official Partner at Eyeo Festival 2013

Converge to Inspire’. With this aim, the Eyeo Festival brings together an outstanding selection of creative coders, data designers and artists working with the latest technologies. The event will take place at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, (US) from June 5-8 and we are proud to be an official partner.

Casey Reas and Ben Fry at Eyeo Festival
(Photo: Casey Reas and Ben Fry)

Eyeo is a 3 day festival of inspirational talks, workshops, labs and opportunities to connect with people that are pushing the boundaries of art, interaction and information. The program will feature artists such as Casey Reas and Ben Fry who are the fathers of processing, a programming language widely used to create generative art. Watch a capture of Reas’s generative work below:

As partners of this fascinating festival, we hope to inspire the next generation of artists to continue creating, innovating and distributing their artworks in digital formats to a world of art lovers.

Memo Atken and Quayola forms07-02-800x533
(Photo: Forms by Memo Atken and Quayola)

If you are attending the festival, we will be announcing fresh news about s[edition]’s new expanded platform for artists. If you are not going, look out for full length videos of the presentations on Vimeo or on the official Eyeo website. We will also be following the conversations from our twitter account.