Jane & Louise Wilson – Sister Act

Jane & Louise WilsonJane & Louise Wilson, Hypnotic Sugfestion 505, 1993

We have launched another YBA artist-duo: twin-sisters Jane and Louise Wilson! They have been making movies together since the late 1980s, and especially their early works regularly feature themselves: in one film we watch Jane and Louise get hypnotised, and when the hypnotist asks them to touch their own faces, Jane’s hand reaches towards Louise’s face and Louise’s towards Jane’s; in a different movie the sisters take LSD for the first time, living out their experience in a room with flashing strobe lights.

More recently, Jane & Louise Wilson were commissioned by the National Trust to produce a project in Orford Ness on the Suffolk coast in Great Britain. The project called ‘Blind Landing’ refers to the Blind Landing Experimental Unit that was operational during the Cold War period: “The work comprises of a series of yardsticks sited within the laboratory buildings, that challenge the sense of scale and ruin, pointing to the architecture of forensics and camouflage, and highlighting their historic relevance as ‘future ruins’.” Watch them discuss their project (below), which is the origin of their digital limited edition Pagoda, Lab 5 H-bomb test facility, Orford Ness on s[edition].

The sisters have released three digital photographs as digital limited editions on s[edition] including: False Positives, False NegativesThe New Brutalistsand Pagoda, Lab 5 H-bomb test facility, Orford Ness  available for $8/£5 each in editions of 1,000.

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