Enjoy Art Everywhere with the New Sedition App for iPhone & iPad

New Sedition iOS App (photo: Placeit)
(Photo by Placeit)

Would you like to take your art collection with you everywhere this summer? Now you can with the new Sedition iOS app for iPhone and iPad. The newly designed app offers new features to manage your vault and download artworks to playback offline from any location with or without internet connection.

To see the app in action, go to the Sedition website first, choose and purchase artworks. Once you have artworks in your personal collection (your Vault), go to the app and login with your account to manage, view and enjoy your artworks.

The new features include:

1. New simplified interface with quick access to your personal collection or Vault.
2. Manage your vault.
Preview your collection and choose to view artworks from the cloud or to download artworks to view offline, when there is no internet connection.
3. View the artwork specs.
View file size so you can optimise space on your device and view their location: cloud or device.
4. Enjoy and view your art collection!

Sedition iPhone_5_App_VaultSedition iPhone_5_App_Manage

To install the new version of the app visit this link. If you have the previous version of the Sedition app, go to the App Store from your device and click on Updates to install the Sedition app version 5.0.

Sedition iOS App

And don’t forget to tell us how you like this new update leaving a comment or sending an email to info@seditionart or tweet @seditionart.

Happy collecting!