From California to Dubai: Graffiti Artist David Choe

Credit:  ©
(Credit: ©

California native graffiti artist David Choe practically became a household name overnight when he agreed to paint the offices of the Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto in 2012. But that’s not all. Choe has also created his own Barack Obama ‘Hope’ poster in his “dirty style” (similar to the iconic ‘Hope’ campaign poster by Shepard Fairey), while Obama was still Senator of Illinois, which allegedly hung in The White House.

Choe’s graffiti street style artworks can be seen splattered about in his hometown of Los Angeles as well as in places all over the world including; New York City, Dubai, Japan, Afghanistan, Manchester, and most recently Denver, Colorado, just to name a few.

(Credit:  © Trevor Anderson)
(Credit: © Trevor Anderson)

To add to his roster of artistic talents, Choe has now moved into the realm of digital art with six new artworks on Sedition, including three digital limited edition videos, and three digital image stills. Check them out here. Follow David on Twitter @davidchoe.

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