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Universal Everything & You: Drawing In Motion

Sedition artist Matt Pyke is the founder and creative director of Universal Everything; a digital technology collective famed for their interactive and immersive art installations. Their latest project sees them take residency in the new Media Space of London’s Science Museum for Universal Everything & You.

The exhibition is comprised of two installations: Presence, an exploration in movement of the human body and 1000 Hands, a user-generated, interactive artwork.

Presence is presented on four individual screens – each showcasing a different human body and its response to music ranging in intensity. Created in conjunction with the LA Dance Project, the movement of the dancers was recorded using state of the art motion capture technology. ‘Digital costumes’ were then layered with these moments to create a visually intriguing piece that highlights the fluidity of movement and the human body. The work is accompanied by music composed by Pyke’s brother.

1000 Hands lies in the heart of Media Space. Inspired by the simplicity of the drawn line, Universal Everything devised an interactive app that allows visitors of the exhibition to create their own micro-artworks that become part of the installation. Download the free app to submit your own piece for the exhibition here: Google Play / iTunes.

Fans of Universal Everything’s new exhibition at the Science Museum will be able to take home a piece of the artwork. Presence 2.1 is available to buy as an audio-visual artwork exclusively on Sedition as a limited digital edition of 300.



Ryoichi Kurokawa’s syn_, a new audiovisual concert experience

Japanese audiovisual pioneer Ryoichi Kurokawa is bringing his concert ‘Syn_’ to London’s iconic BFI Southbank this Thursday 26th September 2013. The concert will showcase Kurokawa’s definitive mixed-media style; bringing together the elements of video and sound together to create a multi-sensory experience. Syn_ will feature clouds of sound that will pulsate in conjunction to video that will be projected on two dual screens. The event has been curated by art and technology organisation Alpha-ville.

Ryoichi Kurokawa by Ed Jansen
(Kurokawa live at Todays Art, photo by Ed Jansen)

Due to overwhelming public demand, tickets for the event are no longer available. However to coincide with the UK premiere of Syn_, Ryoichi Kurokawa will be releasing a brand new artwork exclusively on Sedition: ‘Syn_mod.1″. The artwork is akin to the cinematic stylings sought by avant-garde directors such as Paul Klee and Vassily Kandinsky. Watch the video trailer below.

Followers of Ryoichi Kurokawa on will have exclusive access to view and buy ‘Syn_mod.1’ via our new Online Private View feature opening 24 hours before the public release. The artwork will go on general sale on Sedition from Thursday 26 September.

Video of Prosopopoeia Installed at The London Edition

Sedition partnered with EDITION Hotels for the opening of The London EDITION Hotel. In celebration of the opening on September 12th, British artist Mat Collishaw was commissioned by EDITION Hotels to create an exclusive digital limited edition available only on Sedition. The artwork was installed as a projection in the entrance in the week leading up to the opening. Watch a video of the installation below.

Prosopopoeia represents an illuminated diamond slowly rotating before a black background. Within the diamond are reflections of flowers – many of them Collishaw’s beloved orchids – that glitter and break up into prisms. The flowers catch fire, burn up, drown in luscious leafy green only to reappear in another rotation of the precious stone.

The artwork is available exclusively on Sedition and is currently displayed at the London EDITION on all the 173 guest rooms alongside works by other Sedition artists.

Video by Nye Williams.

Chalk, painting and poems, an interview with Idris Khan


Courtesy the Artist and Victoria Miro, London
© Idris Kahn. Photography © Suki Dhanda

Birmingham-born artist Idris Khan is renowned for drawing inspiration from the history of art, philosophy and music. After Twombly…One Evening is a homage to late artist Cy Twombly and features Khan’s signature creating and erasing process. We took some time out with Idris Khan to find out more about After Twombly…One Evening, featured as Artwork Of The Week on Sedition, and his solo exhibition Beyond The Black at Victoria Miro Gallery opening 20 September – 9 November in London.

How did you find out about Sedition in first instance?

A friend and curator Adam Waymouth introduced me to Sedition. I loved the concept and then I found that several artist from Victoria Miro gallery had made work for the site.

What do you find most compelling about the digital medium?

It’s daunting and endless possibilities.

After Twombly… One Evening is featured as artwork of the week on Sedition. Could you share how you created this piece? Did you plan the work in digital format or did you transform it? 

When I make my photographs I always start with a digital camera, photographing marks that I make over and over again on a chalkboard. The original concept for the piece was to make a still image. In a way it’s a stop frame animation. The camera is set up in one place and then I write the poem on a chalkboard, photograph it and the rub it out and photograph that. The photographs were then brought into final cut and a short film was made from around 100 still photographs.

The work references the scribbled, calligraphic-style of American artist Cy Twombly. What inspires you most about Twombly’s work?

This work was actually inspired by Twombly’s photographs he took of his own pairings in his studio. He was quite passionate about photography and always documented different stages of his work in his studio. One photograph in particular was of four of his chalk paintings resting against each other and I loved the way the lines seem to leap from one painting to another. This gave me the idea to record every mark of a painting and bring them together with a thousand pictures.

Can you explain a little more about the barely legible poem that features in the piece?

It was a poem taken from a Twombly Painting about a wilting peony.

Your third solo exhibition Beyond the Black opens this month at Victoria Miro in London. What can visitors expect from the exhibition?

In the exhibition’s seven paintings and one large wall I use a mixture of black pigment, rabbit skin glue and slate dust to create an absorbent ground which I apply to aluminium panels or directly to the wall and then sand back to produce a smooth, slate-like surface. The paintings are intensely dark with a dense radial constellation of words creating an image that suggests a contained energy emanating from a central point.

Do you have any upcoming projects or exhibitions you can share with us after Beyond The Black

Yes. I’m have been asked to design the sets for a ballet by Wayne McGregor set to Max Richter’s version of The Four Seasons at the Zurich Opera House which opens in April next year.

Sedition is currently involved in setting up a number of digital exhibitions in contemporary museums – what are your thoughts on this trend in the future? 

It should happen more and more.


Image by Michael Morris

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Tracey Emin’s I Promise To Love You collection on display at The Atkinson


The Tracey Emin I Promise To Love You digital collection from Sedition is on display at The Atkinson galleries in Southport, UK in an exhibition titled Love Stories: Romance Obsession & Heartbreak. Emin’s collection features her notable neons which she has used as a consistent medium since the 1990’s. Pastel coloured light tubes, bent to mimic the artist’s handwriting, spell out illuminated thoughts and feelings: passions, love declarations, disappointments and fears, or simply insults. And the subject is always Emin herself: we read her disappointments, her desires, her experiences, her infatuation and her anger – her neon works are her written confession.

The Love Stories exhibition at The Atkinson explores the universal experience of love and loss in five stages: flirtation and courtship; the choice; marriage; obsession and betrayal; settled love. A broad spectrum of media is used to chart this journey, from traditional oil paintings to contemporary installations and moving image. The exhibition is on from 7 September until January 2014.

Sedition curates programme of contemporary art for ikono On Air Festival


We are proud to announce a partnership with ikono, the media platform that displays and broadcasts visual arts. From 6-29th September ikono presents the ikono On Air Festival, the first ever arts festival exclusively broadcast on TV and on live stream.  The festival will present contemporary perspectives on film, video art, and other time-based art forms from the last 40 years from established and emerging artists from all over the world. Sedition has been invited to curate a 90-minute programme for the festival that will be available on HDTV and online in over 30 countries.

Sedition’s curated programme includes works by the world’s leading contemporary artists including Yoko Ono, Shepard Fairey, Jenny Holzer, Lee Lee Nam and many others. Digital editions of the works can be purchased on Sedition and enjoyed in your home. Sedition’s programme will be aired Saturday, 7 September at 16:00 GMT. Click here to view the livestream.

If you are attending Ars Electronica, the world’s leading festival for arts, technology and society, from 5-9th September in Linz, Austria, don’t forget to visit the ikono.TV, Total Recall exhibition where they will be broadcasting the ikono festival programme live.

Sedition’s curated programme and order:

1. Yoko Ono, Painting To Shake Hands
2. Mustafa Hulusi, Extasis
3. Shepard Fairey, Mandala
4. Jenny Holzer, Sense
5. Matt Pyke, Transfiguration
6. Doug Foster, Veil of Light
7. Bill Viola, A Phrase from Chris (2011)
8. Tracey Emin, I Listen to the Ocean and All I Hear is You
9. Lee Lee Nam, Dreamscape 1
10. Liu Xiaodong, Blinking
11. Darren Almond, Track Record
12. Isaac Julien, Encore: Tabula Rasa (Ten Thousand Waves)
13. Jacco Olivier, Microbe
14. Mat Collishaw, The End of Innocence
15. Casey Reas, 100% Gray Coverage
16. Aaron Koblin, Flight Patterns
17. Michael Joo, The Difference Between (Idiots and Angels)
18. Rafaël Rozendaal, Bauhaus
19. Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Forever
20. Quayola, Natures 2
21. AES+F, Reincarnation