Video of Prosopopoeia Installed at The London Edition

Sedition partnered with EDITION Hotels for the opening of The London EDITION Hotel. In celebration of the opening on September 12th, British artist Mat Collishaw was commissioned by EDITION Hotels to create an exclusive digital limited edition available only on Sedition. The artwork was installed as a projection in the entrance in the week leading up to the opening. Watch a video of the installation below.

Prosopopoeia represents an illuminated diamond slowly rotating before a black background. Within the diamond are reflections of flowers – many of them Collishaw’s beloved orchids – that glitter and break up into prisms. The flowers catch fire, burn up, drown in luscious leafy green only to reappear in another rotation of the precious stone.

The artwork is available exclusively on Sedition and is currently displayed at the London EDITION on all the 173 guest rooms alongside works by other Sedition artists.

Video by Nye Williams.