Own an edition of Mat Collishaw’s Prosopopoeia with EDITION Hotels


Sedition recently joined forces with EDITION Hotels to bring you the very best of Frieze London 2013. Over on the EDITION Hotels Facebook page you can look back at our Frieze highlights and see an exclusive interview with Sedition director Rory Blain.

Frieze Week may be over, but fans of Sedition and EDITION Hotels still have the chance to own their very own digital edition of Mat Collishaw’s Prosopopeia. The stunning 5 minute piece was commissioned by EDITION Hotels and was installed at the launch event of the new London EDITION, we have a nice video of the installation. Prosopopeia was offered as a gift to a select group of hotel guests and is not otherwise available to purchase. But we have great news for you, for a limited time only, EDITION Hotels offer you the chance to you can obtain your free edition by visiting the Sedition tab on the EDITION Hotels Facebook page.


1. Visit the EDITION Hotel’s Facebook Page, ‘Like’ the page and click on “Claim Here”.

2. Click the link to take you to the Sedition website. Click the “Collect Your Artwork” button and sign up or join Sedition using your email address or Facebook.


3. Once you have logged in you instantly receive the edition transferred to your Sedition account. You are now the owner of a unique digital art edition by Mat Collishaw and you can see the edition number you own.


4. To view your artwork, click ‘View In Vault’. Your Vault is the central hub where all your artworks are stored. From there you can play the artwork in full screen or you can download a low resolution image to use as a wallpaper or send the image to your device to set as wallpaper.


5. Display your stunning 5 minute artwork on any of your devices: computer, tablet, smartphone or stream via projector onto your wall and connect the audio to a sound system. If you play the work directly from your Vault, make sure you have a stable internet connection. You can also download one of the free Sedition apps for iOS, Android or Samsung.

Remember that Sedition stores your artworks securely on your Vault and  you can access them anytime and from anywhere using your Sedition account. For more information about digital art collecting with Sedition, visit our dedicated “How It Works” page or leave a comment.