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In Review: Brian Alfred Twitter Q&A

On 11 February 2015, Sedition hosted a live Twitter Q&A with artist Brian Alfred from his studio in Brooklyn. We’ve collected some of the highlights from the discussion exploring anything and everything from his latest solo show at Ameringer McEnery Yohe gallery, to his love of music, to his art practice and creative influences. View the full discussion on Twitter: #AskBrianAlfred.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: 5 Romantic Artworks & Collections

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, don’t miss your chance to show your loved one how much you really care. Give a digital gift of art by sending an original digital edition by a renowned contemporary artist from Sedition. Select the Send As Gift button below any artwork and add a personal message. Schedule the delivery for 14 February for the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise. Your gift can be sent to their email inbox from anywhere in the world. We’ve curated for you our 5 most romantic artworks and collections to help choose the gift that will warm the heart this February.

1. Our first selection is Tracey Emin’s I Promise To Love You Collection. Emin’s intimate and personal neon’s illuminate her feelings on love and life. Her neon pieces are a touching and sensitive declaration of her love. Each neon mimics her original script handwriting to create an emotive message of love and a wonderful gift by one of our favourite iconic YBA artists.


2. Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s three light-based works will brighten anyone’s day: From top left to right,  I (Heart) You, Toxic Schizophrenia and Forever are presented as digital limited editions exclusively for Sedition. Their ‘light sculptures’ are made using computer-sequenced light bulbs that flash perpetually. These works reference the iconic pop culture symbols that are communicated through the mass media in the west, as well as recalling the carnival shows and neon signage typical of  20th century Britain and America. These YBA’s bright, digital works are wonderful flashing declarations of love.


3. Marion Tampon-Lajarriette’s Déja Vu Collection includes two works Déja Vu 1 and Déja Vu 2 that creates a beautiful diptych between a male and female actors in a surreal film set. The French artist films her protagonists in a green box studio and later superimposes the footage onto a background taken from an existing film of the early 20th century. The effect is an illusion of continuous space that brings attention to the mechanics of immersion and the distances that take place in our everyday relation to images. The Déja Vu Collection is a romantic revision of early 20th century cinema and love.


4. LIA’s Not Even Love Will Tear Us Apart is a rich and seductive digital artwork. We see the repetition of the motif of a heart moving perpetually across the screen and creating a hypnotic experience. LIA: “as with relationships between lovers, permanent change happens in the details while the overall aesthetic remains the same”. Not Even Love Will Tear Us Apart creates the perfect symbol of love and the intertwining of emotions.

Mat Collishaw_Blog
5. Mat Collishaw creates a visually seductive image which tends to symbolise defiled beauty or forbidden pleasure. With this digital artwork created exclusively for Sedition, Burning Flower, is an orchid surrounded by blackness is both given life and destroyed by the surrounding flickering flames, slowly producing a glistening blood-red sap. Burning Flower is an artwork that ignites desire in any loving relationship.

Brian Alfred Live Twitter Q&A / Wed 11 Feb 2015 / 5pm GMT


We’ll be hosting a live Twitter Q&A with New York based artist Brian Alfred on Wed 11 Feb 2015 from 5pm GMT (12pm EST).

We’ll be talking to the artist about his upcoming solo exhibition It Takes A Million Years To Become Diamonds So Let’s All Just Burn Like Coal Until The Sky Is Black‘ at Ameringer, McEnery Yohe in New York and his new artwork ‘Under Thunder & Fluorescent Lights‘ launching on Sedition on Thursday 5 February 2015. 

Tweet your questions in advance to #AskBrianAlfred and we’ll ask them on the day or join us on the day. Follow @SeditionArt and @BrianAlfred and start asking! 

View more artworks by Brian Alfred on Sedition.

About Brian Alfred
Brian Alfred (b. 1974) is an American artist best known for his collages, paintings, and digital animations. He works fluidly between classic and contemporary media like drawing and digital art, and he depicts subject matters that range from architecture and technology to modern idealism and romantic heroism. Alfred earned his B.F.A. in painting from Penn State University in 1997, and his M.F.A. from Yale University in 1999. He has had solo exhibitions at Haunch of Venison, London and Berlin; Mary Boone Gallery, New York; Max Protetch Gallery, New York; SCAI The Bathhouse, Tokyo; and the Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona. His work is included in numerous collections including the Whitney Museum of American Arts, New York; the Guggenheim Museum, New York; the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia; and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California. Brian Alfred works and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Live Twitter Q&A

Wed 11 February 2015, from 5-6pm GMT / 12-1pm EST
#AskBrianAlfred@SeditionArt | @BrianAlfred