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Sedition Gift Shop Display At Wim Wenders’ Retrospective At Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf


Wim Wenders opens a major retrospective of his photographic work at the Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf in celebration of the artists’ 70th birthday. Sedition is pleased to partner with the museum to release two new digital editions Drive-In At Night (2013) and In Eastern Germany (2006) for the event. All proceeds from the editions benefit the museum.

Wim Wenders’ 15 digital editions from the Places Strange and Quiet series (9 artworks) and the Pictures From The Surface Of The Earth series (6 artworks), plus the two new editions, are now available in the museum gift shop as gift cards with the new Sedition shop display, designed to be rolled out to museums near you. Take home a series of digital editions of haunting landscapes and cityscapes that the renowned filmmaker has come across in his travels and location scouting trips for his films.

4 REAL & TRUE 2. Wenders. Landscapes. Photographs. is now on from 18 April until 16 August 2015 at Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf.

Meural’s digital canvas now available in pre-order

1. Lightbox Design - Portrait - Photo

Sedition is pleased to partner with Meural to present a selection of works on their new digital canvas for displaying art on your walls. Meural have created a modern and sophisticated high-definition screen that also is beautifully framed to accommodate the art of your choosing. The Meural frame is made of conscientiously sourced soft maple wood, carefully designed and crafted by Richard Clarkson, a designer and artist based in Brooklyn, New York.

Employing innovative technology, the Meural can be controlled through gesture, web or mobile app – it’s up to you. Through the web and mobile apps, you can create collections and discover new art works though their collaborations with museums, galleries and Sedition. Pre-order your Meural frame from just $395 to gain access to a new world of digital artworks that can be easily displayed and curated for any space in your home.