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The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015

RoyalAcademySummerExhibition Photo: John Bodkin © Royal Academy of Arts.

For this year’s Summer Exhibition, the white walls of the Royal Academy have been repainted with a brilliant new colour scheme by the artist co-ordinating the exhibition, Michael Craig-Martin RA.

For the exhibition, Craig-Martin has ensured that the vibrancy of his own works are reflected in the brightly coloured galleries. The vibrant palette of magenta, sky blue and deep aquamarine are hardly colours that bring to mind the classical galleries of the Royal Academy. Craig-Martin is a renowned conceptual artist known for teaching notable artists including Gary Hume, Sarah Lucas and Damien Hirst, during his years at Goldsmiths’ University in the ‘90s. His work is remarked by the celebration of day to day objects through his paintings, sculptures and installations that are depicted in the iconic colour palettes that are present throughout the show.

The Summer Exhibition, now in its 247th year, is a salon-style display featuring 1,100 works that have been handpicked from over 12,000 entries. Artists featured in the exhibition include Tracey Emin, Yinka Shonibare, Bob & Roberta Smith, Mary Katrantzou, Gordon Cheung, as well as, many lesser-known artists who have been selected through submissions.

Here are a few highlights from the show:

Watch a video of Michael Craig Martin introducing this year’s Summer Exhibition. View Craig-Martin’s digital edition Lighthouse on Sedition to see his distinctive use of colours in depicting everyday objects.
Notable YBA, Tracey Emin has no less than 6 artworks in this year’s show. Her polymer gravure prints depict wild animals such as a badger, hare, bird fox and a rabbit. View Tracey Emin’s animal-inspired digital edition This Is My Favourite Little Bird on Sedition. 787 Tracey Emin RA, BADGER, 787

Yinka Shonibare RA exhibits a series of 5 works Love In A Time Of War limited edition prints. View Yinka Shonibare’s animated edition The Last Supper Exploded on Sedition. 583 Yinka Shonibare, LOVE IN A TIME OF WAR 1, 583

Other Sedition artists featured in the show include Bob and Roberta Smith who exhibits his Peter Bazalgette’s P45 painting and DAVID NOTT INTERVIEWED BY EDDIE MAIR print as critique on public funding of the arts in the UK. The artist expresses his strong political views in his work as an on-going campaign to defend the arts in times of austerity. View Bob & Roberta Smith’s digital edition Art Makes Children Powerful on Sedition that is also a statement on supporting art education. 934 Bob & Roberta Smith, SIR PETER BAZALGETTE’S P45, 934

Gordon Cheung features several digital prints from his New Order series. View three editions from Gordon Cheung’s algorithmically-generated New Order series on Sedition. 624 Gordon Cheung, JAN VAN HUYSUM II (SMALL NEW ORDER), 624

Mary Katrantzou presents a guided tour of works at the Summer Exhibition. Katrantzou is most famous for her digital printing techniques used in her fashion textiles. For the RA Magazine, she has taken time out to guide you through some of her favourite pieces in the show. Take the tour. View Mary Katrantzou’s digital edition Pound on Sedition that explores textures and patterns found on the pound note.

As the art world quietens down for the summer months, the Summer Exhibition will be bustling with rooms filled with works from floor to ceiling to inspire you through the season. The Summer Exhibition 2015 is on at the Royal Academy of Art in London from 8 June until 16 August 2015.