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Sedition Digital Editions Available In Museum Gift Shops

The-Atkinson-frontThe Atkinson, Southport, UK

Sedition has rolled out a number of point of sale displays in museum gift shops to offer digital editions as physical gift cards. You can now purchase artworks from Sedition from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield, The Atkinson in Southport and soon at the Royal Academy in London. Our display at the Museum Kunstpalast in Dusseldorf for the Wim Wenders retrospective is still up and has shown to be a huge success.

When you come across on of our displays you can browse artworks on the iPad through the app. Select an artwork and take the flyer with the associated artwork to the till. Purchase the artwork and you’ll be given a gift card for the artwork in beautifully designed packaging.

To redeem the artwork, simply go to Login or create an account on Sedition. Scratch off the back of the card to reveal the code. Enter the code on the back of the gift card and click ‘Redeem’. Your new artwork is automatically added to your Vault to view on any TV, tablet or smartphone. For more info about viewing your artworks using our dedicated apps, visit our apps page:

If you have any trouble redeeming your artwork, contact us at:  Got a place where you’d like to see a Sedition display? Send us your suggestions to:

Artfund-YSP2Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, UK