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Sedition Exhibits Works In Pop-Up During London Design Festival

digital art at gallery 57

Works by Tracey Emin, Gordon Cheung and Lee Lee Nam at Gallery 57


From the 19-27th September 2015, Sedition exhibits a series of works at Gallery 57, a pop-up exhibition sponsored by Grosvenor property group on Pimlico Road. The exhibition is part of Designed in SW1, a local event held as part of the city-wide London Design Festival.

The exhibition, featuring works by Sedition artists, aims to create a conversation about screen-based digital artworks and to encourage residents and festival visitors to think about the role of devices in their homes.

During the exhibition, visitors can experience works by Gordon Cheung, Mark Titchner, Lee Lee Nam, Jenny Holzer, Tracey Emin and other leading contemporary artists. Visitors are invited to browse the Sedition artworks and immerse themselves in the world of digital art on headphones. Each of the works is available for purchase on site as a gift card.

Pimlico Road, located in London’s Belgravia district, is better known for its classic London style. The works in the exhibition displayed on Samsung screens add a modern edge to the neighbouring restaurants, market stalls and antique shops.


Gallery 57, Grosvenor London's pop-up gallery for the London Design Festival

Gallery 57, Grosvenor’s pop-up gallery for the London Design Festival


The concept of collecting contemporary art digitally is a relatively new one, but makes a logical link to Pimlico Road’s interior design leanings. In spaces like Gallery 57, we can explore ways in which artworks can be displayed in the home in the digital age. Exhibitions like this gives Sedition an opportunity to present digital works in a physical space, and to inspire visitors with an easy way to start and grow their digital art collection.

If you’re interested in collecting artworks to display on screens in your home, start your collection on Sedition today by visiting: (it’s free to join) and discover new artists and limited edition artworks released on a regular basis. Sedition offers digital videos and image stills from as low as £5 that can be displayed on any device through the browser, or using our free iPhone, Android and Samsung Smart TV apps. Purchase artworks as gifts for friends or relatives to share a new way of collecting contemporary art for your screens in the home.

Visit the exhibition on until Sunday, 27 September 2015 from 10am-5pm daily at 57 Pimlico Road, London, SW1W 8NE. Other festival events that explore digital living include Designing for Today’s Digital World with at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Family Rituals 2.0 at the Royal College of Art.