NEW UPDATE: Sedition iOS App



We’re pleased to release a new version of our iOS app – the recommended platform for viewing your collection from Sedition. The latest update is now compatible with the latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Pro devices for the best viewing experience of your digital artworks. Download the app from iTunes App Store or simply update your app to the latest version by going to the Updates page in the app store.

Key Features:

  • Introduction tour
  • Improved design and navigation
  • Browse Curated and Open Platform artists & artworks
  • Search artists, artworks and users
  • Add artworks to your Wish List
  • Play your Art Stream


Open the app and view our brief new introductory tour which will guide you through the Sedition platform. You can swipe to the next screen or click to skip the tour. Browse artworks right away or sign-up or login directly to the app to start building your WishList and collection.


iosapp_blog_1         isoapp_blog_2

Browse Curated and Open Platform artists and artworks; you can now easily switch between the two using the toggle at the top of screen. Use the new Search function to search for artists, artworks and collectors.


isoapp_blog_3         iosapp_blog_4

Select an artist to view their biography and click Follow to receive notifications of the artist’s latest activities and artwork releases.

Select an artwork to preview videos and images with a description of the artwork. Click Add To Wishlist to like the artwork. An email will be sent to you with a link to purchase the artwork on our website. Once you’ve purchased a work, go to your Vault in the app and swipe down to refresh the Vault. Your artwork will be loaded into the Vault.

From the Vault you can select the artwork to view the work. Tap once on the artwork and scroll to view a description of the artwork and your Certificate of Authenticity.


iosapp_blog_5         iosapp_blog_6

Click Manage Vault to download artworks onto your device (make sure you’re connected to WiFi so that you do not eat up your data). Select artworks that say In Cloud to download onto your device or select Download All to download all your artworks to your device. When the artworks are download they will say On Device, click the ‘X’ if you’d like to remove them from your device. Artworks you have downloaded onto your device can now play even while you are not connected to the internet.


iosapp_blog_7         iosapp_blog_8

Once the works are downloaded, click on Playlist and select the artworks you’d like to play in a loop. Click Play and your playlist will start playing in fullscreen.

Play your works on your TV by streaming your artworks from your iPhone or iPad by using the Airplay Mirroring feature and an Apple TV. Find out more on the Apple website.

Download the Sedition App now from the App Store.

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