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Sedition presents works in Milan Design Week 2016 for Elle Decor Italia’s Soft Home


In April, for Milan Design Week 2016, Elle Décor Italia presents Soft Home, Interiors and Digital Experience, an interactive installation at Palazzo Bovara in collaboration with H-ART and UdA Architetti. Sedition is delighted to present a display of curated works by acclaimed artists throughout the exhibition, which explores the future of the home.

During Soft Home, the work of fifteen Sedition artists will be displayed in different locations throughout the interactive exhibition space. Visitors can discover work by renowned artists including Brian Alfred, Mat Collishaw, Donata Wenders, Jia, Mark Dorf, Quayola and others in experimental home settings throughout Palazzo Bovara. The curated works follow themes including Synthetic Landscape, Time, Still Life and Human Nature.


The home is a familiar, comfortable and intimate space, in which we come into contact with an array of objects and devices which help us to carry out day-to-day actions. How could this space change in the future? In what ways are designers, makers and programmers working to change the domestic space now? Soft Home examines how of objects and arrangements within the home are being changed and how these changes can adapt and enhance our actions, creating the possibility for different kinds of interaction in our home environments.


Visitors to Soft Home will be able to experience new designs, concepts and softwares in an interactive environment which simulates how advancements in digital media can work with domestic architecture and design. The exhibition is arranged according to themes related to contemporary living; videos, active fact-finding experiences, a dedicated Tumblr site and the interactive installations themselves provide a variety of ways to engage with and experience the work on display.

Triangle Cloud by Brian Alfred is among the artworks by Sedition artists on display in Soft Home

Triangle Cloud by Brian Alfred is among the artworks by Sedition artists on display in Soft Home

Sedition actively works at the intersection of design and connectivity, exploring new avenues through which creative innovations and digital communication channels can come together and bringing the concept of the exhibition into new online and IRL (in real life) spaces. We are delighted to be contributing to the Soft Home conversation. This is an opportunity for design lovers to experience art differently; through different styles of distribution, scales and styles of display.

Soft Home, Interiors and Digital Experience takes place from 11-24 April at Palazzo Bovara, Corso Venezia, 51, 20129 Milan, Italy. Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge.

Photos from The Campaign at The Royal College of Art

Photos by: Andrew Crowe / @brainfloat and Ben McDonnell

Visit The Campaign, a group exhibition featuring the work of twelve talented artists at the RCA’s Dyson Gallery in Battersea, London until 10 April 2016. Presented in collaboration with The Royal College of Art and Subject Matter, the exhibition features photography, print, animation, video and web-based works by Fine Art students at the RCA.

The Campaign considers how artists working with increasingly sophisticated digital media and information management systems might locate or express ‘pure creativity’. The exhibition is the culmination of a programme of talks and workshops by Subject Matter, in which leading art industry figures offered insights and advice to emerging artists.

Artists in the exhibition are: Ben McDonnell, Feifei Yu, Jazbo von Magius Gross, Jinjoon Lee, Josh Leon, Kyle Zeto, Louise Long, Melissa Magnuson, Shigetoshi Furutani, Steven Aishman, Theo Ellison and Tim Sullivan.

All works in the exhibition are available for sale via Sedition or Subject Matter. Proceeds from the sales will benefit the RCA’s Fine Art Bursary Fund, which offers financial aid to students to support and nurture their artistic careers.

Sedition is pleased to support the show by releasing The Campaign collection, which comprises five video works by Josh Leon, Jinjoon Lee, Steven Aishman, Ben McDonnell and Shigetoshi Furutani. The collection is available to buy, view and trade on your digital devices as a complete set or as individual artworks.

View and purchase The Campaign collection available on Sedition in digital edition of 50 each, and print editions available from Subject Matter.

The Campaign presented in collaboration with The Royal College of Art & Subject Matter

Shigetoshi Furutani, The Trifle of Immaturity

Shigetoshi Furutani, The Trifle of Immaturity


Sedition presents The Campaign in collaboration with The Royal College of Art and Subject Matter from 6-10 April 2016 at the School of Fine Art’s Dyson Gallery in Battersea. The Campaign is a group exhibition by top emerging artists currently studying at the prestigious institution.

The exhibition explores the question of how and along what lines creativity might emerge in a society seemingly dominated by ephemera and in which information is increasingly managed by new media. The Campaign considers what happens to notions of gesture, craft, concept and ‘pure creativity’ when the act of making art and the role of the artist are mediated in varied and changing ways.

Alongside the exhibition, works by five artists in the show will be launched on Sedition. Works by Steven Aishman, Shigetoshi Furutani, Jinjoon Lee, Joshua Leon and Ben McDonnell are released as digital editions as part of the The Campaign collection. Furutani renders his own experiences into forms, examining collective, fragmented and generative memories. Lee’s work is an aesthetic investigation into the formation of collective social memory, while Leon’s video work creates an interplay between violence and seduction. Aishman’s methodically gathered ephemera considers how intimacy is managed and escapes management, while McDonnell explores the inherent or constructed stillness of the image.


Ben McDonnell, At The Still Point

Ben McDonnell, At The Still Point

All works in the show are available for sale as print and digital editions to benefit the RCA’s Fine Art Bursary Fund. The fund seeks to nurture the artistic careers of students by offering financial aid to talented individuals who would otherwise find it difficult to afford to attend, as well as funding opportunities for travel, materials and residencies.

The Campaign is both an exhibition and a campaign to support long term diversity and innovation in the arts in the context of a society increasingly influenced by the digital media. Prior to the exhibition a series of talks and workshops hosted by Subject Matter for RCA students to engage with art world innovators and inspirational figures including Sedition’s Director, Rory Blain.

Artists featured in the show: Ben McDonnell, Feifei Yu, Jazbo von Magius Gross, Jinjoon Lee, Josh Leon, Kyle Zeto, Louise Long, Melissa Magnuson, Shigetoshi Furutani, Steven Aishman, Theo Ellison, Tim Sullivan.

The Campaign runs from 6-10 April 2016 at the Dyson Gallery, School of Fine Art, Dyson Building, 1 Hester Road, London SW11 4AN.