Celebrate Digital Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to share with that special someone or lover a gift of art that can be experienced together. With digital technologies we can share our love across distances and our relationships become these small gestures through chats and email that remind our lovers that we’re thinking of them.

At Sedition, we’ve curated a selection of artworks that explore the concept of love in its many facets that can be gifted virtually. The ramifications of this universal feeling have become more complex as digital technologies mediate our affections and desires, making us wonder what love and intimacy are nowadays. Discover works on Sedition exploring themes of love and digital love to inspire you and your loved one during the season.


Tracey Emin’s in Times Square New York presented by Sedition

The video above shows the moment Tracey Emin’s I Promise To Love You collection, made exclusively for Sedition, was displayed on the big screens in Times Square New York, bringing together people in a celebration of love. Tracey Emin, known for bringing the intimacy of her life to her artworks by creating hand-written neon messages, made an important statement recently when she married her own rock. This performative act challenged many of the social norms and conventions that society has placed on the female figure, and focuses on love as being defined by what you already have and not what is missing.

Kiki.obj by Claudia Hart

Claudia Hart

Artist and curator Claudia Hart has developed a 3D animated GIF Kiki.obj for the online platform dadaclub.online, a virtual space where invited artists make dada artworks by remixing them with previous media and are available to download. This timely commission explores the gaze of a woman’s physique as processed through new media technologies and also reclaims hybridity as a naturalized form to express the female body. Claudia Hart comments on the piece:

“I made a model of Kiki in 2008 to use for another project based on all of the various photos of Man Ray. I turned her head around, breaking her neck, to turn her into an “impossible object,” a kind of Sphinx. I then imagined her as a Times Square billboard, and covered her with flashing billboards, but made from the original Dada magazine covers. The purpose of the work is to turn  Kiki into a goddess, the “Kiki.obj.”

Claudia Heart, Rose Throb, digital limited edition

Claudia Hart is also the artist behind Rose Throb and Rose Pulse, both digital editions available on Sedition. Rose Throb contains green and pink rose petals that dance erotically and sensually for the viewer behind the screen. The artwork’s accompanying tribal rhythm soundtrack will seduce any lover you gift it to. Rose Pulse is an animated GIF that reduces the romantic soliloquy spoken by Shakespeare’s Juliet, “What’s in a name that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet”. The image flashes like an illuminated billboard with a birdcall chirping in the background that can captivate any lover.

APOTROPIA, The Kiss, digital limited edition available on Sedition

Karoline Georges, Our Profiles Kiss, digital limited edition available on Sedition

Jeremy McKeehan, Kiss From The Soul, digital limited edition available on Sedition

Future Love

In late 2016, Sedition developed an artist open call with Nesta for the FutureFest Art Prize exploring four themes including, Future Love. The artworks shortlisted for the this theme explored ways in which bonds, affections, feelings and love would look like in the not so distant future. Three works were shortlisted and presented as part of the Future Love collection. The works enable us to reflect on how our identities transform with new media, the ways in which sensualities are experienced, and what the limits of love are. The pieces included in the collection trespass the physical realm and create virtual hybrids that challenge our expectations of how love is defined in the post-digital age, where one can be intimate with technology, touch and feel at distance, randomly date unknown individuals and enhance bodily functions.

Amalia Ulman, LOVE SCALE, digital limited edition on Sedition

Amalia Ulman

Amalia Ulman who has become known for her performances on social media and her association with ‘post-internet’ art, reflects on the idea of love in an interesting manner by taking into account the painful aspects of the experience in her work on Sedition, LOVE SCALE. Ulman directly associates pain with being in love through a fictional medical chart that is self-diagnosed by the viewer. Through the scale, each individual can experiment with measuring what state of love they are in and what amount of pain they are thus experiencing. This artwork can be an amusing reflection on undeclared love and the pain and uncertainty one feels when love struck.

Shu Lea Cheang

Sedition artist Shu Lea Cheang, who created the Data Hack collection on Sedition, will be premiering a cypherpunk sci-fi movie FLUIDØ at Panorama for Berlinale on 14, 15 and 16 February. The movie explores the possibilities of sex in the year 2060, when the government declares the era as AIDS free but  carriers of a mutated virus give birth to ZERO GENs –  bio-drug carriers whose white fluid is the hypernarcotic for the 21st Century. The body liquid of the ZERO GENs is the new form of sexual commodity. FLUIDØ is a film that mirrors and echoes habits already existent in chem-sex, which could be understood as a different form of loving one’s own bodily pleasure.

LIA, Not Even Love Will Tear Us Apart, digital limited edition on Sedition


LIA’s inspiring work, Not Even Love Will Tear Us Apart, is a departure from the ultimate symbol of love: the heart. At first it might seem that the animated hearts become distant from one another but if you look into detail all hearts share a connection point with each other. LIA comments on her artwork: “as with relationships between lovers, permanent change happens in the details while the overall aesthetic remains the same”. Gift this artwork as a symbol of your love and a reminder of the continuous flux of relationships.

Until 4 March 2017, at Istanbul’s Akbank Sanat, LIA will be presenting five audiovisual artworks as part of the Nonspaces exhibition. Nonspaces looks at the way digital structures challenge and reshape the way we engage with space, both physically and conceptually.

Image from Kalimpong, VR installation by Shezad Dawood

Shezad Dawood and Rafaël Rozendaal

Shezad Dawood and Rafaël Rozendaal are amongst artists partaking in the group exhibition HUMAN / DIGITAL: A SYMBIOTIC LOVE AFFAIR running from 9 February until 2 April 2017 at Kunsthal in Rotterdam. The show addresses how internet and digital technologies have impacted contemporary artists and what post-internet art means in today’s hyper mediated society; it seeks to answer how love between humans and technology might manifest. Kalimpong, the recent virtual reality work by Shezad Dawood is amongst works featured in the exhibition.

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