DOMINION Group Show at New Media Gallery Features Mat Collishaw and Quayola


Centrifugal Soul by Mat Collishaw

From 5 August to 1 October New Media Gallery presents a group exhibition whose focus is on electronic and digital artistic approaches to nature. The exhibition, titled DOMINION, takes a questioning look at some of the techniques people have historically and recently used to capture the behaviour of flora, fauna and geological phenomena.

The artworks on display address some of the many questions that arise when digital technology is used to look at nature, comparing digitally rendered structures and movements with those in nature. Each work looks in a different way at how the natural and technological merge and separate.

The artists presenting work are Kathy Hinde, Mat Collishaw, Jim Campbell and Quayola. Collishaw’s Centrifugal Soul is a monumental moving zoetrope which animates without the use of film. The large scale structure is covered with sculpted birds and flowers which ‘come to life’ as the structure spins under stroboscopic light. The work is inspired by the environmental psychology of Geoffrey Miller, who theorises that art originated in the externalisation of animal compulsions to reproduce and to compete.

Quayola’s Natures series is based on the ancient idea of the ‘clinamen’, an uncontrollable, unpredictable swarm, mass or flow of atoms from which life originates. The artist uses generative sound and precise measurements to conduct a study of the properties and behaviour of plants. The Natures series is available as digital editions on Sedition.


Natures by Quayola


Kathy Hinde’s Piano Migrations sees a piano soundboard suspended in the gallery space. Through a combination of projected shadows and solenoid devices, the artist creates the illusion of a flock of swallows landing on the strings.The instrument takes on ‘natural’ properties in contrast to the artificial flock of birds. Hinde presents an artist talk at the opening reception on 4 August.

In Jim Campbell’s 2010 work Exploded View: Birds, what first appears to be a formless matrix of glittering LED lights becomes, from certain perspectives, comprehensible as a flock of migrating birds. The work plays with the tension between noise and structure, communicating swarms of information through swarms of birds.

DOMINION takes place at New Media Gallery, City of New Westminster, Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, Canada, from 5 August until 1 October 2017.

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