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The Campaign presented in collaboration with The Royal College of Art & Subject Matter

Shigetoshi Furutani, The Trifle of Immaturity

Shigetoshi Furutani, The Trifle of Immaturity


Sedition presents The Campaign in collaboration with The Royal College of Art and Subject Matter from 6-10 April 2016 at the School of Fine Art’s Dyson Gallery in Battersea. The Campaign is a group exhibition by top emerging artists currently studying at the prestigious institution.

The exhibition explores the question of how and along what lines creativity might emerge in a society seemingly dominated by ephemera and in which information is increasingly managed by new media. The Campaign considers what happens to notions of gesture, craft, concept and ‘pure creativity’ when the act of making art and the role of the artist are mediated in varied and changing ways.

Alongside the exhibition, works by five artists in the show will be launched on Sedition. Works by Steven Aishman, Shigetoshi Furutani, Jinjoon Lee, Joshua Leon and Ben McDonnell are released as digital editions as part of the The Campaign collection. Furutani renders his own experiences into forms, examining collective, fragmented and generative memories. Lee’s work is an aesthetic investigation into the formation of collective social memory, while Leon’s video work creates an interplay between violence and seduction. Aishman’s methodically gathered ephemera considers how intimacy is managed and escapes management, while McDonnell explores the inherent or constructed stillness of the image.


Ben McDonnell, At The Still Point

Ben McDonnell, At The Still Point

All works in the show are available for sale as print and digital editions to benefit the RCA’s Fine Art Bursary Fund. The fund seeks to nurture the artistic careers of students by offering financial aid to talented individuals who would otherwise find it difficult to afford to attend, as well as funding opportunities for travel, materials and residencies.

The Campaign is both an exhibition and a campaign to support long term diversity and innovation in the arts in the context of a society increasingly influenced by the digital media. Prior to the exhibition a series of talks and workshops hosted by Subject Matter for RCA students to engage with art world innovators and inspirational figures including Sedition’s Director, Rory Blain.

Artists featured in the show: Ben McDonnell, Feifei Yu, Jazbo von Magius Gross, Jinjoon Lee, Josh Leon, Kyle Zeto, Louise Long, Melissa Magnuson, Shigetoshi Furutani, Steven Aishman, Theo Ellison, Tim Sullivan.

The Campaign runs from 6-10 April 2016 at the Dyson Gallery, School of Fine Art, Dyson Building, 1 Hester Road, London SW11 4AN.

Sedition Partners To Present Art On Public Screens In Norway

For 2016, Sedition has partnered with i/o/lab to display works on public screens around Stavanger, Norway as part of Public Art Screens, a programme dedicated to presenting contemporary video art and animation in public spaces to bring take art out of the gallery and into everyday life. Public Art Screens works with a number of venues including schools, public squares, hospitals, and art spaces around the city including Gosen Skole, Vitenfabrikken, Tou Scene, and KinoKino. The programme aims to increase awareness of work that engages with questions around technology, furthering existing debates and placing artworks in public space to push the boundaries of what can be called an exhibition space.

EricSchockmel-The Shrine

The Shrine by Eric Schockmel, digital edition


For Public Art Screens, the work of an international artist working with video and animation will be featured each month in 2016. In January, the work of Eric Schockmel launched the programme with a series of 3D animated works from his What If You Created Artificial Life And It Started Worshipping You series that imagine futuristic worlds. Schockmel explores the relationship between technology, art and culture through complex visualisations which see “motion graphics as an opportunity for storytelling”.

Auto-Monuments 7 by Angelo Plessas

Auto-Monuments #7 by Angelo Plessas, digital edition


For the month of February, Angelo Plessas features his Auto-Monuments series of short videos from Sedition of the surrealist garden of Las Pozas in Mexico created entirely on the iPhone. Pleassas’ work spans across video, installation, publishing and internet art. His work actively opens up potential for interaction and the reinvention of familiar online behaviours, visual landscapes and timeframes. “The internet could be called a monument to an ever-changing present. (It) appropriates time in an interesting way, and I am fascinated by (how humans behave in order to deal with this appropriation).” – Angelo Plessas

Each month the artists presented in Public Art Screens in 2016 are:


Watch a video preview of the programme:

Find out more about the Public Art Screens programme and venue locations on their website at:

i/o/lab Centre for Future Art is a non-profit organisation that develops professional artistic projects to advocates arts and new technologies in the region. Sedition is pleased to support i/o/lab and Public Art Screens in 2016 in our mission to bring art to screens and to make the best of contemporary art accessible to all.


Part 1: Sedition Recommends: Art Basel Miami Beach

This week will see artists, professionals and influencers from around the world descend on the southern tip of Florida for Art Basel Miami Beach for what has turned into one of the largest art events in the US, Miami Art Week, with over twenty satellite fairs alongside the main exhibition at the Miami Beach Convention Centre – making the city the number one destination for culture and parties in the first week of December.

While those flying in begin to acclimatise to the comparatively balmy weather in Miami, we have put together a guide to help you navigate the glut of exciting artist exhibitions, interesting talks and intriguing satellite events.


Featuring at Art Basel Miami this year are over 191 galleries, 16 curated solo booths at Positions and 14 historically-informed presentations in the Survey sector, and 27 curated exhibition of works by internationally renowned artists in the Kabinett strand of the fair. The fair is divided in its presentation into sector, with works presented according to thematic strands entitled ‘Galleries’, ‘Nova’, ‘Positions’, ‘Edition’, ‘Kabinett’, ‘Survey’, ‘Public’, ‘Film’ and ‘Magazines’. Each sector enables visitors to approach a complex show through a different conceptual viewfinder.

Detail from Michael Craig-Martin 'Surfacing', available as a digital edition on Sedition

Detail from Michael Craig-Martin Surfacing, available as a digital edition on Sedition

At Alan Cristea’s (Booth A12) features mono-prints and editions by Sedition artist Michael Craig-Martin as a Kabinett exhibition located within the Editions sector. Also represented by Alan Cristea is Gordon Cheung who presents a series of new print editions.

Art Basel Miami Beach
3-6 December
Miami Beach Convention Center
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139


The Art Basel Miami’s film programme also features the work of both Tracey Emin (3 December) and Guan Xiao (5 December) in the evening screenings. The works will be projected onto a 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall in SoundScape park, a short walk away from the Convention Centre where the main fair takes place.

Guan Xiao's installation at Frieze London 2015 - photograph by Andrew Crowe.

Guan Xiao’s installation at Frieze London 2015 – photo by Andrew Crowe.

Art Basel Miami Film
2-6 December
Soundscape Park
1700 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139


Art Basel Miami Beach is home to a wide range of talks, which this year illuminates the work and thought of professionals who deal with themes including art collecting in the digital, post-colonial age to transgender in the mainstream. Acclaimed artists including Jenny Holzer and Michael Craig-Martin will also present talks during the fair. On 3 December at 10am, Holzer and fellow practitioner Trevor Paglen discuss their work and he significance of current communication channels and information systems in the Premier Artist Talk. Visitors to the fair can also see Craig-Martin in conversation with independent London based curator and art historian Sir Norman Rosenthal on 5 December at 5pm.

Jenny Holzer 'One Liner' - available on Sedition

Jenny Holzer One Liner – available on Sedition

There are also a number of thematic panel discussions which touch on the impact of the digital on art collecting, identity formation and the way society perceives and impacts upon creative work and the creative industries. These include a conversation led by Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s senior curator Omar Kholeif entitled ‘Collecting as a Political Act’. Kholeif is the curator of an upcoming exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, London exploring 40 years of artwork produced in response to the internet.

Jenny Holzer in Conversation with Trevor Paglen
3 December 10:00 – 11:30

Michael Craig-Martin in Conversation with Sir Norman Rosenthal
5 December 17:00 – 18:00

‘Collecting as a Political Act’
5 December 16:00 – 17:00

Miami Beach Convention Centre
1901 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015

RoyalAcademySummerExhibition Photo: John Bodkin © Royal Academy of Arts.

For this year’s Summer Exhibition, the white walls of the Royal Academy have been repainted with a brilliant new colour scheme by the artist co-ordinating the exhibition, Michael Craig-Martin RA.

For the exhibition, Craig-Martin has ensured that the vibrancy of his own works are reflected in the brightly coloured galleries. The vibrant palette of magenta, sky blue and deep aquamarine are hardly colours that bring to mind the classical galleries of the Royal Academy. Craig-Martin is a renowned conceptual artist known for teaching notable artists including Gary Hume, Sarah Lucas and Damien Hirst, during his years at Goldsmiths’ University in the ‘90s. His work is remarked by the celebration of day to day objects through his paintings, sculptures and installations that are depicted in the iconic colour palettes that are present throughout the show.

The Summer Exhibition, now in its 247th year, is a salon-style display featuring 1,100 works that have been handpicked from over 12,000 entries. Artists featured in the exhibition include Tracey Emin, Yinka Shonibare, Bob & Roberta Smith, Mary Katrantzou, Gordon Cheung, as well as, many lesser-known artists who have been selected through submissions.

Here are a few highlights from the show:

Watch a video of Michael Craig Martin introducing this year’s Summer Exhibition. View Craig-Martin’s digital edition Lighthouse on Sedition to see his distinctive use of colours in depicting everyday objects.
Notable YBA, Tracey Emin has no less than 6 artworks in this year’s show. Her polymer gravure prints depict wild animals such as a badger, hare, bird fox and a rabbit. View Tracey Emin’s animal-inspired digital edition This Is My Favourite Little Bird on Sedition. 787 Tracey Emin RA, BADGER, 787

Yinka Shonibare RA exhibits a series of 5 works Love In A Time Of War limited edition prints. View Yinka Shonibare’s animated edition The Last Supper Exploded on Sedition. 583 Yinka Shonibare, LOVE IN A TIME OF WAR 1, 583

Other Sedition artists featured in the show include Bob and Roberta Smith who exhibits his Peter Bazalgette’s P45 painting and DAVID NOTT INTERVIEWED BY EDDIE MAIR print as critique on public funding of the arts in the UK. The artist expresses his strong political views in his work as an on-going campaign to defend the arts in times of austerity. View Bob & Roberta Smith’s digital edition Art Makes Children Powerful on Sedition that is also a statement on supporting art education. 934 Bob & Roberta Smith, SIR PETER BAZALGETTE’S P45, 934

Gordon Cheung features several digital prints from his New Order series. View three editions from Gordon Cheung’s algorithmically-generated New Order series on Sedition. 624 Gordon Cheung, JAN VAN HUYSUM II (SMALL NEW ORDER), 624

Mary Katrantzou presents a guided tour of works at the Summer Exhibition. Katrantzou is most famous for her digital printing techniques used in her fashion textiles. For the RA Magazine, she has taken time out to guide you through some of her favourite pieces in the show. Take the tour. View Mary Katrantzou’s digital edition Pound on Sedition that explores textures and patterns found on the pound note.

As the art world quietens down for the summer months, the Summer Exhibition will be bustling with rooms filled with works from floor to ceiling to inspire you through the season. The Summer Exhibition 2015 is on at the Royal Academy of Art in London from 8 June until 16 August 2015.



Sedition is pleased to present a solo exhibition by FIELD. The exhibition titled Violescence includes an impressive body of new and recent works that span across wearable sculptures, fashion film, virtual reality, and animation.

The exhibition centres around the new work Quasar, comprised of three wearable sculptures, each giving access to an interactive, audiovisual virtual reality experience.

Quasar is the first in a brand new series of physical-digital artworks titled Violescence, which explores the constant negotiation of opponent, archetypical forces: the aggressive, the sensitive, the inquisitive. What we observe in ourselves simultaneously appears to be the friction that drives society forward, a driving force of the universe. An ever-lasting struggle for inner balance, a state of zen – or for an understanding and stability between ourselves and others.

In Quasar, these forces appear as three personas: we imagine them as explorers, we try out their tools, we travel with them. We observe their physical and mental fights, we picture the moment of reaching a harmony between them.

Violescence is a continuation of FIELD’s ongoing exploration of new formats and platforms for digital art including immersive virtual reality experiences connected to sculpture, photography and video manipulated with visual effects, the blend between physical and digital environments and identities.

The exhibition also includes a display of the Forays series including four animations and four digital prints. The works represent landscapes, architecture and objects of the future as seen by the artist, and foreshadow the change in the perception of reality by future generations through the influence of contemporary technology.

Forms, materials, colours, mobility and sounds of each scene are explorations that illustrate how new technologies can fuse abstract and figurative forms, sensual perception and synaesthetic experiences.

The Forays: Scan I-IV series of four animations and the Forays: Object I-IV series of four digital stills are available on Sedition in digital editions of 200 each.

The exhibition is kindly supported by leading technology brand LG Electronics. The artworks will be displayed on LG’s latest TVs, which fuse OLED technology and ULTRA HD 4K resolution to create the very best in picture quality. The exhibition will bring to life and celebrate the use of screen as a medium to display and enjoy artworks.

will open at London’s creative industries hub, The Hospital Club located in the heart of Covent Garden. An artist talk / exhibition tour will be held on Saturday, 30 May 2015 at 3pm at The Hospital Club Gallery.

29-31 May 2015
The Hospital Club
24 Endell Street, London, WC2H 9HQ
Open 11am-6pm daily

Private view: 28 May 2015, 7-9pm
Artist talk / exhibition tour: 30 May 2015, 3pm

View the event on Facebook:
To RSVP for the private view, please contact:
Join the talk:


Sedition Gift Shop Display At Wim Wenders’ Retrospective At Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf


Wim Wenders opens a major retrospective of his photographic work at the Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf in celebration of the artists’ 70th birthday. Sedition is pleased to partner with the museum to release two new digital editions Drive-In At Night (2013) and In Eastern Germany (2006) for the event. All proceeds from the editions benefit the museum.

Wim Wenders’ 15 digital editions from the Places Strange and Quiet series (9 artworks) and the Pictures From The Surface Of The Earth series (6 artworks), plus the two new editions, are now available in the museum gift shop as gift cards with the new Sedition shop display, designed to be rolled out to museums near you. Take home a series of digital editions of haunting landscapes and cityscapes that the renowned filmmaker has come across in his travels and location scouting trips for his films.

4 REAL & TRUE 2. Wenders. Landscapes. Photographs. is now on from 18 April until 16 August 2015 at Museum Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf.

Sedition presents in the STRP Biennale in The Netherlands

Sedition presents a selection of works for the STRP Biennale in Eindhoven, The Netherlands from 20-29 March 2015. Presented as part of the SCREEN ON | NO SCREEN exhibition in the Klokgebouw as part of the STRP Silent Cinema section, Sedition will show works alongside The Creators Project, Fiber, OneDotZero, and Playgrounds.

Sedition brings a 30-minute collection curated by STRP director, Angelique Spaninks including works by Zimoun, Ryoiji Ikeda, Universal Everything, Doug Foster, Rafael Rozendaal, Memo Akten, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Angelo Plessas, Nicolas Sassoon & Rick Silva, Cheng Ran and open platform artist, Overlap.

STRP Biennale have curated a special digital edition by Paris-based studio, Nonotak launching on Sedition on Thursday, 26 March 2015. Watch out for the new edition launching next week.

STRP is a 10-day festival that brings together art, technology and experimental pop culture. The festival features interactive art, light art, robotics, performances, experimental music and films, lectures and workshops, offering a glimpse into the near and sometimes distant futures of our technology-driven culture.

To view full programme for the Silent Cinema visit:

Sedition 2014 A Year in Review

Sedition has had an amazing year in 2014 with the launch incredible new artists and collections, international exhibitions in Munich, Barcelona, Hong Kong, London and Miami and new initiatives supporting charities. Read below for our 2014 year in review. We are looking forward to new exciting collaborations, exhibitions and artists launching in 2015!

In January, Sedition was invited to showcase works at UNPAINTED the first art fair dedicated to Media Art fair in Munich, Germany. Sedition presented artworks at a booth and participated on a panel with artist Kim Asendorf and Philippe Riss (xpo gallery, Paris) and others. A selection of works from Sedition were streamed online on IKONO during the fair. Read more ›


The New Romantics Collection/ Eyebeam
Sedition partnered with Eyebeam, Art and Technology Center in New York to launch a collection of 9 artists as part of the New Romantics exhibition. The New Romantics Collection explores ways in which contemporary artists use digital media to engage the body, represent nature, utilise poetic irony and deal with issues of individuality – as originally expressed in 19th century Romanticism. The collection includes works by international artists including: Tim Berresheim, Ryan Whittier Hale, Claudia Hart, Sophie Kahn, Sara Ludy, Shane Mecklenburger, Jonathan Monaghan, MSHR and Katie Torn.


The Déjà Vu Collection / LEAP and iArt
Sedition partnered with LEAP, the Chinese art magazine and iArt, the digital edition of the Art Newspaper China to launch the Déjà Vu Collection, a collection of 5 young Chinese artists working in moving images at Art Basel Hong Kong 2014. For the launch, Sedition translated our website and apps in Chinese and implemented a new payment system to accept payments from China using Alipay. View photos from the launch event. Read more 

The Hospital Club / Curated Exhibitions

Throughout 2014, Sedition partnered with the Hospital Club, hub and private members club for creative industries in London to present a series of exhibitions. Over the year Sedition curated and present 3 exhibitions:

Universal Everything / Solo-exhibition of recent works
In May, Sedition presented a solo exhibition of recent works by Universal Everything featuring 3D printed sculptures, mobile apps, interactive pieces and brand new editions from Sedition. For the event, Universal Everything launched 50 unique iterations of their piece Walking City Citizens where on one edition was available of each. All 50 iterations sold out almost immediately, but are now available for sale on Sedition Trade. Watch an interview with creative director, Matt Pyke discussing the show.

New Horizons / Exhibition
In July, Sedition presented New Horizons, a group show of works from Sedition by some of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists. The exhibition featured digital editions by Elmgreen & Dragset, Damien Hirst, Yoko Ono, Tracey Emin, Mat Collishaw, AES + F, Jenny Holzer, Lee Lee Nam and also Isaac Julien. Works were displayed on the latest curved OLED and Ultra HD 4K screns from LG electronics. Sedition presented new Gift Cards for sale for each of the artworks in the show.


Women In Digital / Exhibition and talk
In October during Frieze Week as the art world descends upon London, Sedition presented a specially curated exhibition title Women In Digital featuring female artists working at the forefront of art and technology. The exhibition included several new works, and works not released on Sedition from international artists including: LIA (Austria), FIELD (UK), Sophie Kahn (UK/AU), Sara Ludy (US), Fang Lu (China), Katie Torn (US), Claudia Hart (US), Sougwen Chung (US/Canada), Marion Tampon-Lajarriette (Switzerland), and new to Sedition artist Shu Lea Cheang (US/France). A special talk with artists Vera-Maria Glahn (FIELD), Marion Tampon-Lajarriette and curator Nora O’ Murchú took place to discuss their work and also issues of representation in the field. Watch a video of the talk.


Sonar / MarketLab / Exhibition
Sedition was invited to present works in the MarketLab section of Sonar, festival of advance music and new media art in Barcelona. Sedition launched a new work by contemporary art studio Zeitguised and presented an exhibition of digital artworks from Sedition. Read more ›

Jeremy Deller / Own Art & The Space / Free Digital Edition
Sedition partnered with Own Art and The Space, the BBC and Arts Council supported online platform for presenting and commissioning digital art. For the 10th anniversary of Own Art and the relaunch of The Space in the summer, Sedition presented a special digital edition by Jeremy Deller which include 100 different images from his animated piece, We Sit Starving Amidst Our Gold, 2014. The editions are available for free to members of and people who sign up to Own Art and The Space newsletters. To claim your free edition, visit:


Nuit Blanche Video / Exhibition
For the second year of Nuit Blanche Video in London, Sedition contributed works by Isaac Julien, Mat Collishaw, Tracey Emin and Elmgreen & Dragset. For one night around Mayfair and Central London, visitors of the event visited galleries and store fronts in the area to enjoy a highly curated selection of video art by some of the world’s leading contemporary artists. Read more ›


Prince’s Foundation for Children & The Arts / Charity Auction
Sedition donated two works by Elmgreen & Dragset and Damien Hirst to the Be Inspired charity auction at the Saatchi Gallery in London to support the Prince’s Foundation for Children & The Arts. Sedition also offered a selection of Gift Cards for their raffle to help raise funds to support the cause. Overall, Sedition raised over £4900 for the charity and continues to support the cause of the holidays. Donate £30 now and receive a Sedition Gift Card for a digital edition by a renowned contemporary artist.

Artwise – Here Today… / Charity Exhibition
Sedition contributes a work by Tracey Emin to the Here Today… exhibition in London marking 50 years of The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The large-scale exhibition also featured works by artists George Condo, Andy Warhol, Gavin Turk, United Visual Artists, Douglas Gordon, Julian Opie, and many others. A selection of Sedition Gift Cards were for sale in the exhibition gift shop with a percentage of proceeds going to support the environmental organisation. Read more 

Corporate Collections
This year, Sedition has placed several corporate collections in a number of hotels and venues internationally. Curated collections have been placed in EDITION Hotels London and Miami, Citizen M Hotel in New York Times Square. Sedition also partnered with RekRoom Productions in Miami to present displays of works at the 1826 Restaurant & Lounge on Miami Beach including a display by Zeitguised during Art Basel Miami Beach in December.


Sedition at Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 approaches in December with another showcase of leading contemporary artworks from galleries around the world. Marc Spiegler, Director of Art Basel, says: “Since it was founded twelve years ago, the Miami Beach show has ranked as the most important art fair in the Americas”. The show attracts artists, collectors and professionals from across the globe. Sedition is pleased to see artists from our platform present during these high times in Miami. Look out for works by Sedition artists with our picks for the week in Miami. Don’t miss us while we’re in town.

Zeitguised_CloudIIWalls_Still1099_4k_webCloud II, Walls by Zeitguised

Zeitguised / Digital Art Exhibition 

Sedition presents a new work by Zeitguised at 1826 Restaurant & Lounge just steps away from the Miami Beach Convention Centre from 3-7 December. Sedition will present Cloud II, Walls created by Zeitguised, Berlin contemporary art studio. A homage to Daniel Libeskind’s early drawing work “micromegas” Cloud II, Walls builds tension between an uncontrolled catastrophe and the controlled, abstract and clean environment of the engineer’s drawing space. The piece makes it accessible to think of the two realms as one, the possibility of failure with the assertion of control and the beauty of generating the artefact within.

Cloud II, Walls will be launched as a digital edition on on 4 December, 2014. Clouds II, Walls will be displayed alongside further works from the artist throughout 1826 Restaurant & Lounge from 6:00pm-3:00am daily, where art lovers can ignite their senses by taking in digital art, music and fine dining for duration of the fair. Follow Zeitguised on Sedition to receive an invitation to the online private view.

Find us at:
3-7 December 2014, 6:00pm-3:00am daily
1826 Restaurant & Lounge – 1826 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
Please RSVP for entry:

Walter-Hugo-&-ZonielEchoes of Toki 2 by Walter Hugo & Zoniel

Walter Hugo & Zoniel / Site-Specific Installation

Walter Hugo and Zoniel also present their site-specific installation ‘The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living‘ during Art Basel Miami Beach. Their digital collection on Sedition Echoes of Toki is derived from the original piece that was displayed in Gazelli Art House and in Toxteth, Liverpool during the Liverpool Biennial.

For Miami the artists installThe Physical Possibility of Inspiring… as a temporary, large scale site specific installation located in Buenavista East, which explores the idea of art within a public space. For this project, the shutters of the destitute house located in Buenavista will anonymously open every evening from sunset to sunrise, emanating light and revealing tanks of jellyfish filling the space within. The psychedelic display, intended to have a discordant presence and intrigue the local residents has opened silently for the community to discover with its location remaining unknown to the public until its official launch on 1 December 2014, thus allowing natural word of mouth within the community to generate interest, and ownership of the project.

As part of the durational site-specific project, Gazelli Art House will live-stream a video from within the tanks at SELECT MIAMI (7200-7300 Collins Avenue, Miami, Florida) from 2-7 December 2014, where viewers will be able to see through the tanks into the streets of the Miami suburb, revealing a virtual corridor between the two disparate sites.

Brian_Alfred_Miami_Basel_blog Under Thunder by Brian Alfred

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent Lights by Brian Alfred

Brian Alfred / Large-scale Video Projection

This year, Brian Alfred has been invited to present video piece Under Thunder And Fluorescent Lights for Art Basel Miami’s film programme. The work will be presented both inside the Miami Beach Convention Center and outside on a 7000-square-foot projection wall of the Frank Gehry designed New World Center in SoundScape Park. The animation is scored in collaboration with band Storm & Stress. A screening of the film will take place on Saturday, 6 December at 9pm as part of the The Magic of Things programme also featuring David Shrigley, Takeshi Murata, Robin Rhode, Mark Wallinger, Cecile B Evans and others.


Nicholas Sassoon, Sara Ludy & Sylvain Sailly / Wallpapers is an online and offline computer generated catalog that features digital desktop wallpapers initiated by Sedition artists Nicolas Sassoon and Sara Ludy, and their collaborator Sylvain Sailly. The artists present their project in partnership with Artsy for the NADA Miami Beach art fair running in parallel to Art Basel Miami Beach. The artists will take over the Artsy booth and a hotel guest room featuring digital video projections of their WALLPAPERS.

Here Today…. An International Contemporary Art Exhibition

IUCN ad_V8.indd

Sedition contributes Tracey Emin’s digital edition, I Listen To The Ocean And All I Hear Is You to ‘Here Today…‘ a major exhibition marking 50 years of The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. The exhibition explores the current state of our environment through works by international contemporary artists working across diverse mediums. Participating artists include: George Condo, Andy Warhol, Gavin Turk, United Visual Artists, Douglas Gordon, Julian Opie, Mariko Mori, Carsten Höller, Diana Thater, amongst others.

The exhibition has been curated to include 8 different chapters exploring the pressing ecological challenges that face our environment. The exhibition is intended to take the viewer on a unique journey educating them about the pressure’s that humanity are putting on our fragile ecosystem.

Here Today… is supported by the IUCN which is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organisation and Baku Magazine. The IUCN demonstrates how biodiversity is fundamental to addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges such as climate change, sustainable development and food security. The exhibition is curated by Artwise , international curatorial collective.

Sedition will also offer a selection of works for sale in the exhibition’s gift shop including works by Tracey Emin, Mark Titchner, Mustafa Hulusi, Lee Lee Nam and others. Part of the proceeds will benefit the charity.

25 November – 17 December 2014
The Old Sorting Office, 21-33 New Oxford Street London WC1
Monday – Wednesday: 11-7pm, Thursday – Friday: 11-8pm, Saturday / Sunday: 11-6pm
Admission: Free for all ages

There are workshops and tours available to attend for free at the exhibition.
For more information, please visit: